Monday, October 29, 2007

Season Finally Comes To An End

Well, it has been a long multi-sport year and certainly a bumpy fall, but now I can start looking towards next year. The duathlon in Lowell yesterday turned out to be a big race, with a lot of big competitors, but I'm not surprised, considering the ideal conditions this late in the season. And yes, everyone was saying it was their last race of 07. I'm pleased with my race, eventhough I've lost some fitness and didn't have much power on the bike. I still ran really well considering how little I've been training, due to this foot (yes, it's Plantar Fasciitus - I was wrong again). Eventhough I was 11th yesterday, I would have been 2nd last year, but I will come back and give it another go - that was just my second duathlon. My first 5K (5:59 pace) was almost the same pace as my 5K race in West Acton a few weeks ago and I still manged to run 6:23 pace the last 5K. So on to next year: Ironman Fance in Nice June 22, 2008. I have already spent about 600 Euros so far and it's not going to be a cheap trip to the French Riviera. Also, I will be running my 12th consecutive Boston Marathon this coming April. I will continue to bike as long as this New England fall weather will permit and continue to run short distance. I'll also probably run a couple of 5Ks and see if I can actually get some speed going, but come Jan 1, it will be all training for Nice via Boston. Anyway, this foot thing is a lot better, the house is almost painted and I can enjoy some cool fall running and riding, maybe even try one of those cyclocross races. I hope everyone is healthy and fit.
Cheers, -Kyle