Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fast Forward To February

Once again. Not keeping up with this blog .... I will try to do better in the coming weeks. All is well and my fitness is coming back. Only 9 weeks until the Boston Marathon!!!
Here are the numbers for January:
S-17800yd, B-421mi, R-193mi
Bike miles almost double that of Jan10, so hopefully I'm on track. Unfortunately, the last two weeks have been disasterous for training. Too much snow has limited swimming; the pool has either been closed or I have been unable to make it for some stupid reason. Also, there is no room on the road for a bike; too risky, so all miles have been inside and time on the bike has suffered recently. I have been run commuting - also risky, have already had a couple of run-ins with cars operated by aggressive numb-skulls. Multiple contiguous track workouts accomplished only by use of the treadmill. I think I have shoveled snow every day for the last month, which I think my body is getting used to and my arms have really bulked-up. It has been a tough winter and it is probably the reason us New Englanders have such mental toughness or maybe it's that we cherish the spring so much, that we spend so much time on the bike when the weather gets nice.
I am just back from my second quality swim workout this week. Lot's of fly. Big thanks to coach Kim D. She's made everyone on the team choose a specialty stroke to focus on this winter. Who would of thought a few years ago that my strength would be the fly. It's obvious; it's a stroke that suits me well, less about technique and more about muscling your way through the water. I am actually starting to feel proficient at it.
Less than two weeks is the first prep-race; Foxborough Old Fashioned 10 miler. I am glad they brought the USATF GP series back to this race. My PR is there in 07 - 62:37 and I want to see that time fall this year. I'm unsure, but maybe if I can get some quality runs in here the next 10 days, it might be a possibility.
Anyway, there is a forecast for some better weather coming and no snow storms! Let's hope the ground hog is right this time!