Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Week #7 Numbers

Overall, a very balanced week, as far as IM training. First big run on the BAA course - 24miles at good pace (actually slowed it down after 5mi to keep in check). Unfortunately, sore leg from doing 1mi intervals outside on the roads, including the downhills. Felt good on the 24mi run, but need some time for recovery, which may effect week 8 numbers. Also, 8 weeks untils the Boston Marathon! Wow! coming quick and I feel the need to spike the running distance - would like to have a week in the 80s?

Totals: Swim-9K, B-98mi, R-62mi

All is well and I'm giving the leg (on the right side - it's the first step down the stairs that hurts) a little TLC and get this thing back in action. All is going well all-around - swimming, biking and running. Although, I am leaning this early in the season to do some monster running miles, as I feel the pressure to PR at Boston on April 19th!!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Week #6 Training Numbers

Week 6 is much more balanced with the focus going back to the bike. All is going well and I am finally getting back into shape. I'm around 155 lbs @ 9% body fat. Not bad and I can even look at myself in the mirror again (you vain bast... ), but that is part of the motivation too. I would say that I didn't run that much this week, but when you throw a 20 miler in it equals a 50 mile week. I'm feeling good on the bike too ... would like to keep these miles up. Mix and match - outside and indoor miles.

2/8: S-2500, B-14, R-4
2/9: B-17, R-9
2/10: B-24, R-5
2/11: B-48, R-5
2/12: S-2400, B-16, R-4, Other-weights&core
2/13: B-32, R-6
2/14: R-20

Totals: S-5K, B-151, R-53

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Melbourne Race Report and Numbers

We had a great time in Florida! About the only negative was that they didn't launch the space shuttle on Sunday and I flew back that evening, so I missed it. It would have been something to watch - I could see it from the balcony of our hotel suite. We got to see it close on Friday when we toured the Kennedy ("I want a man on the moon!") Space Center, cool stuff. Anyway the race report:

Lot's of complaining and whining about the conditions from the runners. I like those conditions. The race is early (7:am) sharp, so the sun is just coming up and it was cool - low/mid-40s and VERY windy. Lot's of very fast runners and a lot of them in my age group. Quick start and then a left directly into the wind. The course is almost a rectangle with two causeways that cross the Indian River. The first 4 miles or so are not so protected, so the wind was a factor. 6:08 at the first mile, but the first four were at about 6:12 pace. The wind angled at the back across the first bridge, then along a footpath and through neighborhoods coming back down. I think the thing I had the most trouble with was the pace. It seemed like I was working very hard and about at 8mi I was falling off pace. The second crossing angled directly into the wind was brutal on everyone. You hit mile 12 at the bottom of the bridge and do a 1 mile loop around town and finish. I could only grind out a 1:25 and was slowing the last 5K. Most of the guys I talked said their time was about 2 minutes slower than last year, but last year was a lot warmer.
Conclusion: 5 weeks of training is not enough and I really only had 4 weeks of quality training with the issues I had starting back up. Anyway, I would to target this race last year and come back serious as I will be in the M45-49 AG. Numbers:

Time: 1:25:27 (6:32 pace)
AG Place: 8th
Overall: 32nd
Other: First New Englander

The good news is I would have been third if I had aged up. Legs are surprisingly stiff. Anyway, back to marathon training. I ran 9 today with some moderate intervals, but plan to take it easy next few days and get a long run in this weekend.

Last week's summary is what you would expect - down in Florida with no bike and tapering for the race:

Swim-3200yd, Bike-28mi, Run-46mi


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

US Masters Half Marathon Championships

Off to Melbourne, FL with the boys early tomorrow am. That came fast! I can't believe we are already in February, but it certainly has not been an easy winter for us New Englanders. I can't wait for some above freezing temperatures to ride the bike in. Numbers for January good; focused mostly on running, but the pressure to train is also good, because I knew I did not have much time at all with the race being on 2/7. And guess what else happens when the run training starts again? I am not fat anymore; 156 lbs @ 8.9% body fat. Certainly not my 148-150lb race weight, but I will take it. There is no mystery to running fast; you can not be fat. Anyway, I will take whatever comes out of the race on Sunday and I'm feeling no pressure with this race, except to have fun and run well enough to be satisfied. I still haven't nailed the 2010 race schedule, but it looks like the next race after this weekend will be New Bedford half marathon. I have received my Boston entry confirmation, so that will be the main focus between now and April. Anyway, I plan on getting the bike miles up next week and to start getting serious about swimming and get some balance back into the training. I hope everyone is having some success getting back going, back into shape, although it is still early in the season and training in this weather can be difficult and unpredictable. Post any up coming races here and let me know what everyone is doing.


Week #4 and January Totals

This week and last week back on the bike OUTSIDE ... cold, but doable and I actually have already gotten used to it. Bike miles much better and running much better; track work intervals getting faster and tempo runs more consistent. Need to get back on to the regular swim plan, but it has been difficult with a lot going on. I swam a 1:20 100yd the other night, so it's going well despite the lack of yards. Anway:


1/25 - R-5 (day off)
1/26 - B-17, R-10
1/27 - S-3K, B-24, R-6, Other-weights&core
1/28 - B-17, R-12
1/29 - B-16, R-5
1/30 - B-32, R-5
1/31 - R-20
Totals - S-3K, B-106, R-64

Totals January - S-12K, B-266, R-232