Friday, June 26, 2009

Next Stop, Rochester NY

Monday morning the 29th, I will get on my bike and ride from Boxborough MA to Rochester NY over three days. The trip looks to be in the 450-470 mile range, but everyone knows my history of getting lost, so I will probably add to that figure easily. I have agreed to bring a map, but I'm not guaranteeing that I will actually look at it. For me, this ride is about touring the northeast and getting an enjoyable three days of riding in. This is also my first time at a solo ride like this, so I'm trying to prepare for the worst case scenario of bike problems, weather and any other unforeseen disasters. Pray for good weather! It has been horrible here in New England and I feel like every time I get on my bike, it starts to rain. I have had a race here, 6 out of the last 7 weekends, so I'm done with any more of that. Add a whole lot of training and it makes for a tough 7 weeks, but everything has gone well and the body is healthy. Now, just need some decent weather and I'll be all set.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mooseman Race Report

I can't complain, it's a PR by almost 14 minutes. I haven't really done that many half-irons; Moose, Timberman and Patriot. Mooseman 2005 was my first big triathlon, only 4 years ago! and I have never really approached it as a target race; e.g. riding 325 miles the week before is not a great taper for a race.

Race Results:

Swim: 31:54
Bike: 2:36:23 (21.5 mph)
Run: 1:28:49 (6:47 min/mi)

11th AG, 51st overall

Race Report:

Stacked race! Many Pros. Lot's of really fast runners. Strong breeze off the lake, freezing cold water! Could not feel my feet out of the water. Tried to put on socks before the bike shoes and was having legs cramps. Bike was strong, but back was bothering, especially on the hills of the first loop of the run. Started to fall off pace and was struggling to get it back. Last 5K back felt better and legs came back for a fast and redeeming finish.

I'm happy. I think one of these years I will train and taper for one of these races and come back and do a 4:30. An expensive, but well done race with lots of stuff. The body is very tired and I need to resolve the back issue (not related to IM training - I think I said that before). I need a couple of days to clear the had and then it's back to the Kona-or-bust wagon.

Congrats to MRC guys racing up there; Jim, Ian, Lynn, Cort, Paul D. and Paul W. and all the new guys on the team!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mooseman Half Iron Race Weekend

Wow! The seaon is really flying by. The miles and intesity have been huge! My battered body is managing to stay in one piece, just barely. Last weekend was the Epic Training Weekend. Kudos again to Mark D. for making this happen. Weather not perfect in the beginning, but nice in the end. New PR: 130 miles with Dave from his house in Milford to Eastham on the Cape. It was a great ride and a first time one-way distance cycle to the Cape. We just barely made it and landed at 8:pm with the temperature dropping, rain and not much daylight left. Total numbers for Epic Weekend:

Swim: ~ 2.5 miles
Bike: 325 miles over 3 days (new PR)
Run: 20 miles (13 mile run Sunday)

and on to the last race before IMLP - Mooseman Half. I was a late entry into this race due to Lancaster being canceled and this is the only one that worked. I will be looking to PR. I hope I can recover before Sunday. I still have some aches and my back is bothering due to non-training activity, but probably compounded by swimming. I aslo had two track workouts, one with Mark
on Tuesday (wow he looks fast, add 3 seconds to his numbers for mine) and one with Bill on Wednesday. I'll have about 48 miles running this week which is a good step up, but not good tapering for a race. Anyway, I'll post a race report on Monday.