Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Week Of March 26th

Last hard workout yesterday, 3x2000m @ 10K pace. My pace was the same on all three, right at 5:50 per mile, which gives me a 36:10 10K. That would certainly be a PR since undergraduate school. According to the McMillan calculator that would give me a 2:49:44 marathon. That's wishful thinking for Boston. Anyway, I hope everyone gets their last hard workout in. Next week things start to slow down. Just under 3 weeks until the race. Cheers! -Kyle

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Week Of March 19th

I think I've finally got my running together this year. What I lack in talent, I'm making up for with persistant training. Last weekend was New Bedford Half Marathon (time:1:22:08, pace 6:16). I am trying to figure out what my Boston pace should be, but the McMillan calculator came out with 2:53. I think that might be fast for Boston, but we'll see. I'm off to go run a 20+ miler. We'll see how it goes.