Monday, April 30, 2007

Epic Training Weekend

I'll keep this post short. Here it is: 10 A-team triathletes, one weekend of training.

Friday Workout Day #1: 5600 yds swim, 56 mile bike, 4.3 mile run.

Saturday Workout Day #2: 3000 yds swim, 100 miles bike, 1.25 mile run

Special thanks to MD for making this happen. We were on a roll. For me, Sunday was the NE 10K championships in Groton. I managed to run okay, even after the intense days of training. It did feel a little bit like a run off the bike, but all things considering, I'm happy with it. I'm not sure I will ever race again 13 days after running a marathon.

I did a short spin (1/2) this morning and already swam 2500 yds. I'll finish the day off with 1/2hr easy running. That's called a recovery day.

I feel good. It's amazing I did that much cycling without any reaction from the body. I'm still a little tired though, so tomorrow may be moderate also. Next Sunday is the NE 5K championships in Westford. I'm hoping to PR, but don't want the race to get in the way of the IronMan training.
Get out on the bike everyone!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Post-Marathon "Noodle" Week

The recovery week has gone pretty well. I managed to escape my 24th marathon without any issues. I went for a massage on Friday (I'm finally doing things right this time) and that was the end of any signs of the race. Not much to speak of this week. I call it the "Noodle week" because even though I did some stuff this week, it didn't really amount to anything - some light running, spinning and 30 mile ride on Saturday morning. I even managed to "blow off" my 5 mile run later Saturday morning - see, there is still hope! Although, I struggled, wasn't even sure I could do it! Thought I might have to run later in the day, but I managed to keep from doing it. Took the ENTIRE day off on Sunday. Just enjoyed the beautiful weather on my deck, without worrying about being carried off by mosquitoes. Three hours of yardwork later on killed any need to do any training that day. I think the lousy weather really took the desire to do any real training last week. I made up for it by eating barabecue ribs, ice cream, all-you-can-eat chinese buffet (they lost money on that one), the typical post race loss of discipline, but that is now out of the system and I'm back to reality. I really hope this weather will stay with us for a while, we've definitely earned it.
Some quick stats and recap of Monday:
We did score 4th masters, results finally corrected: 4. B.A.A. 8:36:39 (Bell, Bowers, Nerrow)
24th marathon, 11th straight Boston
PR by 5:15 seconds, Boston PR by 9:19 - almost ten minutes!!!
Some folks have asked if I think I can get faster at 41. I think I can go much faster!!
I hope everyone had a good noodle week. The training has already started again today. I am back on the bike and need to go for my run now, spring swimming session resumes tonight.
Next stop: IronMan Lake Placid July 22, 2007
I am ready to train at a higher level than before. I am going to train my head off!
I want to win this race!! No Secrets!
Back to it!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Race Report - The 111th Boston Marathon 2007

You may have seen one of these lime green shirts over the bridge at 128. The cheering section was pretty hard to miss. Even a fellow BAA teammate cheering on noticed all the green shirts and asked, "Are you guys cheering for Kyle Bowers?"
I would first like to thanks my wife, who shuttled 1/2 dozen athletes to the start and picked us up at the finish. My family, friends, MRC teammates, BAA teammates and everyone that has supported me over the last year. I sit here writing this with a Guinness in my hand, and boy does it taste good.
I would also like to congratulate my BAA and MRC teammates who ran. The times are unbelievable! I will definitely have to get faster next year.
Here is the report: I saw BAA coach Jeff on the way to the village and he said he had heard a report that there were bands of showers coming through. Just as he said that, it began to downpour a very cold rain. I opted for the long sleeve coolmax, my hat and gloves. The plan was to keep everything dry as long as possible. The race shoes and socks went on seconds before the start. In the corral, I dropped one of my gloves in a puddle while lubing, before I could grab it a squeeze the water out, someone picked it up and threw it away. The gun went off and I was quickly warm, wishing I had gone with the coolmax tee. As always, off to quick start - first 5k was 6:22 or something. It's aways fast coming down the hills, it's just going to happen. It felt so good to be running! The two days off before the race; the first day my legs were tight, the second day was worse. I guess I'm just not made to stop! I spent a lot of time soaking and messaging - to try to losen them up. Race day everything felt great. I even got some sleep with the wind and rain pounding the side of the house. Anyway the first half felt like nothing and I went through at 1:24 and change. I was hoping to sustain that pace throughout, but I knew I would lose time in the hills. I got whipped with some wind and rain up the first hill, but I could feel the conditions getting cooler and windier going up Heartbreak. From there on the headwind was tough, it's going to slow you down. It's in your face, there is nothing you can do. I was on target for 2:50 and I know I have it me, but this year wasn't the day. It was starting to look like 2:52. I also started to feel a cramp coming on the last three miles. I tried to keep from lifting my right foot high on the kick and just turnover as fast as I could. My nightmere of my calf seizing, but of course that didn't happen and I finished strong.
Here are the stats:
Finish: 2:53:11
I scored 2nd for the BAA masters, behind my talented teammate Mark B. - check out his race report:
Why aren't we scored as the fourth masters team?? Does anyone know?
1st Local runner Acton/Boxborough
468th Overall
438th Gender
70th Division
14th Massachusetts Master
I hope everone had a good race and are satisfied. You never get ideal conditions in New England. There is always some curveball thrown at you. This year was advantage us, because we've trained in lousy conditions all winter and are mentally prepared for it.
I'll be checking the other bloggers to see how things went - Michael?:
Anyway, I am ready to get faster as a runner, but next stop is the:
IronMan Lake Placid July 22, 2007
I am hoping for the same type of performance at IMLP as I had at Boston. For me it's all about the bike. Training resumes in one week and as you have guessed, it will go to the next addicted level.
Bottoms Up!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pre-Race Day 2007 Boston Marathon 111th

My legs surpisingly are a litte bit achey. I'll continue to work them out, stretch, etc. to see if I can make it all go away. It's the typical pre-race thing, you never feel as good as when you are training hard, beating up the body and the mind.
Well after several days of media-hype about the storm and concerns about hypthermia, it looks like race day, at least the part during the race isn't going to be too bad. It's just like a number of those supposed snow storms that just turn out to be a dud. I think the conditions are going to be ideal.
This race will be my 11th consective Boston. I am looking to smash my PR (2:58:26 BayState 2006) and last year's Boston PR (3:02:30). I certainly have the fitness to do it. Now it's just putting the money where the mouth is ...
I wan to wish everyone good luck in tomorrow's race: BAA team mates, MRC team mates, friends and all the folks coming in to experience what a spring New England race is all about. I know the conditions will be wet and there will be a head-wind, but I just hope they can keep the streets from flooding - that would be a real big problem. Everyone should be off thier feet and enjoying the carbo-loading. I have aleardy gained a few pounds, which I think is good, since I am fairly thin this year (~150 lbs. and 6% body fat).
Anyway, get rest, relax and have a great race tomorrow!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Last Week Before The Marathon

Ah, yes, the taper week. It's always something I struggle with; to slow down. The typical addict struggles to stop. I had some pain above the ankle on the right foot yesterday, but it seems to be gone today. It's good I have a little pain, because it puts fear in me before I go run, making me take it easy. I have a massage scheduled for Thursday anyway, just to be sure that the legs get workout.

I'm satisfied with my last two major workouts; one at the track and one with Mark, check out his report at . All the splits were fast, a positive indication that I am going to have a real good race. Some tempo today and Thursday at MP, but no big deals. I can't find my watch, so I will probably just play it by ear and try to stay in control.

The work is done. Now I'm just trying to get plenty of sleep, eat high vitamin food and figure out my schedule for race day - no more sleeping in on race day! Ughh!

Anyway, I hope everyone's training has gone well. These few days are the toughest, because when the body is fine tuned, it just wants more. Get rest and take it slow! If I can do it, there hope for us all.