Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Year End Numbers

With a drastic shift in my career and it seems like blogging may be a technology of the past; this blog has been dormant for a while. However! I will continue to post my year end numbers for anyone who is interested to see them, as 2013 is going to be a quiet year for me with not much time to train and no Ironman this year (thumbs down). I do need to take a break though, as my streak of 7 straight years of Ironmans comes to an end.

Please note a PR preformance at Ironman Mont Tremblant in 2012! which I know is a different course, but I will take a new PR any day.

The numbers:

Totals For The Year:

Swimming: 162,320 yards
Biking: 3805 miles
Running: 2065 miles

Which Averages Out To Per Day:

Swimming: 445 yards
Biking: 10.42 miles
Running: 5.66 miles

Positive notes for 2013; will be running my 17th consecutive Boston Marathon April 15th! Also, will have an annoucement soon about new triathlon team sponsorship.

I will be focusing on Boston here for the next few months and then once again try to re-invent myself at short distance triathlon.

I hope everyone had a great 2012 and has gotten some time off over the holidays!

Look forward to seeing my friends and team-mates out there in 2013!! I am going to need all the help, support and comraderie I can get.