Monday, May 16, 2011

Starting To Turn Up The Volume

Crossing back over to triathlon once again. I've started pushing up bike miles last week with 237. Saturday am was an 89 mile hill ride with the boys. Finally back on the tri bike again and getting some aero riding in. July 24th all of a sudden does not seem that far off and I am avoiding the potential for any problems this year by taking easy days after the hard ones. Looking forward to some nice spring weather?? Don't come to New England as the choice has been outside in the rain or on the trainer (3 hour spin last Wed). We lucked out on Saturday as it was okay and the weathermen have not done such a great job of predicting anything accurately. It looks like a rainy commute home and some more rides on the trainer this week. I am also back running again after some time off to clear the head and let the body heal. I also managed Walden last Friday (the only nice day we have had all of May). It was cold, but doable with the sun. I think I will wait a bit before I go again though.

I am boycotting the outrageous fees this year for the 70.3s - it would only be a prep-race this year. I am looking to do a simulated race instead and save my self a $300+ weekend.

Hope everyone is well and ready to get some long rides in, when the sun decides to come back.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

15th Consecutive Boston in the Record Books

I know - I'm not supposed to be this quiet on this end. First of all; I would like to thank my BAA team-mates for their confidence in me and their unconditional support in me trying to pull off another personal record this year. I explained that it would be a long-shot, but no one ever doubted and in fact, most said that they wouldn't be surprised after last year's 2:49. A VERY quick race report; plan was to go out fast, stay fast in the middle and finish fast at the end. We all new it was going to be an incredible day; and after 14 Bostons, this would be the first with any kind of tail wind. And what a day it was, the fastest marathon ever for Mutai and even some sensational times after that. There was never any doubt in my mind; I was going for it. It was a stretch, but if I could hold on, it would yield great results. Here are some splits:

5K -18:55, 6:05 pace
10K - 38:38, 6:12
10m - 62:38, 6:16
1/2 - 1:23:41, 6:24

I actually felt okay, but at 21mi it was over and I really payed the last 5 miles. If I could have run the last five at the same pace as the first five I might have hit 2:50, but in an all or nothing attempt, that is what you get. I have gained valuable experience, and have never tried to run a marathon that fast from the start. I will come back next year and try again. Back to crossing over; I am going to ramp up the cycling and start from sctratch with running. No immediate panic for LP. I want to do a smart ramp up and peak right before the IM.