Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Race Schedule 2009

I've realized that it has been a month sinced my last post! 2009 so far has been very good to me. Although it has been a harsh New England winter, I still continue to prevail. I am WAY ahead of where I was at this time last year. Not having a car has forced me to cycle outdoors and it has really helped me get fit. That on top of a lot of running (73 miles last week) helped shed all of that December weight. I am now back down at 8.5% body fat @ 157 lbs and feel a lot better. How did I get so fat in the first place? Anyway, it's gone and forgotten. I need to make sure I don't peak too early before Boston and I'm focusing as much on speed as distance. Swimming is going good. I am now in my 6th year of swimming. Every year I add proves me wrong about me becoming a decent swimmer.

I'm thinking of changing the name of this post, since this athletic stuff has become my lifestyle and I'm focused more on becoming a top master's athlete in both triathlon and running. Any suggestions??? I predict this will be a big year for me, as my level of experience training and racing is helping me reach new levels each year.

Here is the current race schedule for 2009:

DH Jones 10 Miler February 22nd Amherst, MA
New Bedford Half Marathon March 22nd New Bedford, MA
113th Boston Marathon April 20th
Sudbury Sprint Triathlon May 10th Sudbury, MA
FirmMan Mass Half-Iron June 7th Lancaster, MA
IronMan Lake Placid July 26th Lake Pacid, NY

Hopfully this schedule will include Kona, HI in October. That is and always will be the goal.

Rock On!