Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Calling It A Year

Yes, it's over. 11 months straight of training and racing, it's time for off-season. Another strange day on Thanksgiving; a revisit of the hacking cough that morning and cold ... burrr! ... 27 degrees that morning. Is this supposed to be New England or something? I don't know. I hadn't run in that weather since last winter. Time to look for something else to do besides running. Outside AGAIN today on the bike. I am really enjoying this strange, but very mild weather. I know, we all just expect it to continue, but sooner or later reality will set in. Anyway, I hope everyone had a great year!!! 2012 looks to be very interesting as I will be doing an Ironman in August, which really changes the running outlook from Boston until later spring. I look forward to doing things differently next year and I'm looking forward to the inaugural IM Mont Tremblant! Plan is to be a regular at the pool the next few weeks and then start running again sometime around the holidays. I hope everyone is getting some time away from the sport and taking a break! I will see everyone soon, as 2012 training is right around the corner. -Kyle

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Running Into The Off-Season

I've been continuing to run here through November. All short and fast stuff - no more than 3 or 4 miles. It has been interesting. I think I have actually kept some fitness without all the miles. I will try my luck at the Ayer Thanksgiving race and then pull the plug on running for a few weeks. My next focus will be on SWIMMING as I am now about 30 days without a visit to the pool. I am ready to call it a year. We'll see what happens on Thursday. New pic is me crossing the line at Cape Cod Marathon. I don't look too bad for a tough day. Cheers!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Quick Cape Cod Marathon Report

I knew we were in trouble the night before when I was abruptly wakened by the house moving from a HUGE gust of wind. We were worried that the race would be canceled, but race organizers vowed that the race would go on. My second marathon during a serious Nor'easter. Race start; very cold about 36deg with a wind chill around 20deg. I was scared this would be a repeat of Baystate two years ago when I got hypothermic during the race. Thankfully, no rain just wind and I was dressed with more clothes in this race than any other marathon, to make sure I would be warm enough through the entire race.

Race summary; this race ends my long sub-3 streak with a 3:06. Tough course under adverse conditions, I was worried that this race would end my streak. Anyway, high wind, roads with lots of debris and then Shore Line Drive completly flooded in about 5 places, I just felt like everything went wrong - including the cytomax drinks, which were awful and blasted my stomach. Honestly, I think the combination of hills and running into the wind killed my hamstrings, trying to keep my body leaning into the wind. Anyway, I am still celebrating a long season and I'm satisfied and glad that the season is over. I gave it my best shot, the race didn't get canceled and the add-a-10+ minute consensus would leave me with a good result. Hope all is well with everyone. We got power back very quickly - very lucky, but many still without power. Something needs to change. -Kyle