Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Year End Numbers

Year Total, Month (avg.), Day (avg.)

Swimming: 237652, 19804, 668 Yards

Biking: 4416, 368, 12.4 Miles

Running: 2111, 176, 5.93 Miles

Almost 6 miles per day average running for the whole year! not bad.

Biggest Month Swimming: June, 34200 yards

Biggest Month Biking: May, 708 miles

Biggest Month Running: March, 335 miles (10.8 miles per day average for the month)

Conclusion: Need to bike more in 2011!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Getting Back Into A Rhythm

A few weeks since my last post ... Just want to let everyone know everything is good. The achilles thing is behind me and I am slowly ramping things back up. I am already scheduling 2011 and not looking back. I have already shot my mouth off about running 2:45 at Boston in April. That's 6:18 per mile! Yikes!!! This probably means that I will need to run close to 6:10 per mile and give up the rest in the hills! At age 45, it is going to take some discipline, but I will give it a shot. No sense in backing down now. Focus will need to be on speed; intervals and tempo. Anyway, I have kept my promise and I have logged every single mile biked and run, and every yard swum in 2010. I will post these around the end of the month or after the new year. Then everyone can look at the numbers and tell me if I'm nuts or not. It has been a very cold New England December, but we are lucky that there has been no snow and trails are still open. I can't remember a year that we didn't already have snow on the ground a month ago. I'm sure it won't last much longer, so I will enjoy trails as long as possible and then get forced back out onto the streets. I am looking forward to some XC skiing though. Okay, so I am looking for suggestions for next year. Other than Boston and IMLP, I have no definite plans yet, but I am starting to look at races. I am also thinking about getting a coach again for bike training. It has been a few years since I had my beloved coach, but he has moved to AZ and I really could use someone like him again (bike times need to get faster, not slower). Please post race suggestions and let me know what folks have on the radar screen for 2011.


Friday, December 3, 2010

Off-Season Continues, But Starting Up Again

Some heel soreness after the Groton trail race led to some stiffness in the Achilles. Starting to run again slowly, back on the bike and swimming in the pool regularly again. It feels good to be going again. My body and brain is wired to be going aerobically all the time. I sleep better and seem to behave better with the eating, etc. I'm already looking at races next year. Of course the two big races in the first half will be the 115th running of the Boston Marathon, my 15th Boston in a row and LP2011. As of now it looks like I am out for the Half Marathon Championships in February. I may pick another local half or ten miler and do New Bedford again or maybe not. This has been the ritual for a number of years now and it may be time to do something different. As far as half irons ... I don't know. I just need to pick one - there are a number of them at the right time for IM prep and or maybe pick some different races and distances for that matter.

Anyway, I am telling a lot of different people to do the same thing here in off-season; do something different. I am hoping to get some cross-country skiing here when we get some snow; it won't be long.