Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tri Clinic in Boxborough, MA for First Time Triathletes New Date Feb. 18 & 19

Swymfit in Boxborough is hosting a tri clinic for those that are interested in trying a triathlon this year. This is a good opportunity for your friends or family who are interested in trying the sport, but may not even own a bike yet or know a lot about swimming. The clinic is Feb 18th and 19th and will go over all of the basics; swimming, biking, running, transitions, race day logistics, nutrition and injury prevention. For more information and registration: - the nominal fee covers the 2-day use of their facility, etc. as it will be closed during the clinic. I have volunteered to do the cycling instruction and four-time Boston Marathon winner, Bill Rodgers will be doing the run clinic. If there is enough interest, we will be following-up with some organized sessions and target the Sudbury Spring Sprint Triathlon in May.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Numbers For 2011

Corrected numbers for 2010 (year, month, day):

Swim: 237652, 19804.3, 651.1 yards
Bike: 4416.4, 368.0, 12.1 miles
Run: 2111.4, 175.95, 5.79 miles

Numbers for 2011:

Swim: 185250, 15437.5, 507.5 yards
Bike: 5113, 426.08, 14.0 miles
Run: 2144.2, 178.7, 5.87

Definitely PRs except for swimming. Of course, I couldn't do anything but swim for three weeks in that June.

Will post a recap of 2011 later this week. I'm also trying to reconcile my marathon history - should be around 40 marathons and counting.

Training for the Boston Marathon April, 19th has commenced. Time to drop the ten pounds I gained over the last month! -Kyle