Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Finally Running Again After 3+ Weeks

It's been an interesting off-season; lot's of outdoor riding and some decent yards in the pool. I'm now swimming at Harvard Ridge Swymfit pool, which is really convenient and I'm finding it easy to fly over there and get a quick workout in. I'm about 5 kilos over race weight, but that's off-season and I'm sure it will come off quick. I will post my numbers for the year in the next few days. It's interesting to see how things have added up and how different this year was from last.

Also, a quick recap of the sub-3:00 hour marathon streak, which ended this fall at Cape Cod (Nor'easter) marathon:

2006 2:5857 Baystate, 1st sub-3, new PR and 1st Masters

2007 2:53:11 Boston, new PR at Boston by almost 10min

2008 2:58:57 Boston
2:56:59 Manchester, 5th Overall

2009 2:52:10 Boston, new PR
2:56:24 Baystate (Also Nor'easter)

2010 2:49:53 Boston, standing PR

2011 2:56:52 Boston, the failed 2:45 attempt

8 straight marathons. It had to come to an end sooner or later.

I hope everyone has had a great holiday and is getting some time off!