Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lobsterman Triathlon

Change in plans - I will be racing at the lobsterman Tri in Freeport Maine on Sept 11th - the tenth anniversary-memorial. This is an Olympic distance, which is working well for me here at the end of the summer. A lot less training time and focusing on speedwork. I look forward to closing the season with a good race. Would like to see the Lake Denison 2008 PR fall. -Kyle

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Post IM Recovery

Moving on with the rest of the season - looks like next race wil be the Naragansett Half IM and probably my last tri for the year. Recovery has gone well and letting my rib heal (still hurts) has been keeping me from any real training and swimming has been out altogether. Starting to consider fall plans; maybe Manchester marathon again? or maybe Baystate for upping my BQ seed. Everything is good and the body is in good shape, so I will resume again and try to have a fast race on 9/11. It's just for fun, but I would like to go out with a good finishing place.