Monday, March 29, 2010

Weeks 11 & 12, Three weeks until Boston

Not keeping up with the posts again. Thanks to all that are following. I will try to keep up, as my hit counter has a lot of hits lately, so folks are checking in.

Week 11: Swim-4600 yds, Bike-129mi, Run - 68 mi

Week 12: Swim-7K yds, Bike-140 mi, Run - 74mi

New Bedford Report: Too many miles and exhaustion; This race just always comes at the wrong time; right in the toughest part of the training for Boston. Out fast and out to set the world on fire, only to run out of gas at 11 and run two 7+min/mile to go home with tale between legs. It was an unusually warm and not windy day - not your typical New Bedford race conditions.

No problems with the body, with the exception of exhaustion. A direct result of burning the candle at both ends for too long. With another set of flooding rains coming in the next few days, I will be looking to get some rest, as we are starting to get into the taper phase for Boston.

And ... (drum roll please) I am FINALLY in corral #1 this year! It only took 2:52 flat to get me there. That bodes well for me this year, as I will be at that line looking at the elites.

Race Number: 1750

Certainly an easy number to remember. Any way, three weeks from today will by 14th consecutive Boston Marathon. Goal: sub-2:50.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Week #10 Big Numbers

Okay, so here are the numbers:

Swim-8100 yds, Bike-124 mi, Run-90 mi

It's not hard to see where the focus has been. Cycling getting easier now that winter has gone out the door. I am looking to get in some long outdoor rides now that the temps are up.

New Bedford half marathon is this weekend. Last prep race before Boston. Race Goal: come back with a PR! (1:22:08 at NewBedford in 2007 stands).

Monday, March 8, 2010

Weeks #8, #9 and Feb Totals

Once again, falling behind with the posts. Week #8 was a bit of a disaster, sore leg - which may be a shin-splint - although on the side of the shin. Missed speed work and tempo, but still gutted out some miles. Good week focused on swimming and giving the shin some time to heal.

Week #8 Swim-9500 yds, Bike-89 miles, Run-50 mi

and then when I thought I would miss a number of days of running:

Week #9 Swim-6400 yds, Bike-69 mi, Run-78 mi

Totally front loaded with running, feeling good and then a weekend ski trip in unusually warm weather - warmest I have ever skied at Wildcat, never mind that it is early March. Spectacular views of Mt. Washington too!

Totals for February: Swim-26,600 yds, Bike-366 mi, Run-211 mi

Not bad for 28 days.