Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tri Season Ends, Focused On Cape Cod Marathon

A quick end to summer and another reminder that we are in for a change of season here in New England. Lobsterman went well and was a fun race to end the year. It turned out to be a pretty competitive race with Cranberry getting canceled - a lot of people signed up last minute to get a race in before the season ends. Here's the report:

The swim is in a protected bay up by Winslow park. It felt a lot better to be swimming with a wetsuit and ... the water temperature wasn't too bad. At the first turn I could not see the next buoy and opted to sight on the furthest swimmer I could see. At the second buoy, I could see the third, but it looked like folks were swimming out into the middle of the ocean. Absolutely, no one on the line. Same thing at the final turn, people were still way right. The bike, dropped a chain on the first hill - never happens except during a race. Course: very hilly, not long but some steep climbs, I was out fast and furious. The run course: hilly. I (only) made two mistakes during this race: (1) I decided to take my water bottle cage off the bike and only take water at the half way station. The temperature has now climbed a lot higher than they predicted and direct sun was very hot. Definitely dehydrating on the run. (2) No socks on run. My new flats, supposed to be forgiving, drill a hole the size of a quarter in the side of my right foot. 26min at 4 miles - I fall way off pace at the end of the run.

19th Overall, 3rd AG, 2:21

Great party and podium afterwards, and two lobsters!! Definitely a race to do and I am glad I did it. Festive outing with lots of friendly, low key competitors from all over the place - lot's of out of state travelers.

Drum roll please ...... Next race will be Cape Cod Marathon on October 30th. Nothing like cutting it close. I have been running A LOT and am trying to get my running legs back. We'll see - I have 5 1/2 weeks before the race. Looking to ride off my tri fitness into fall marathon season. If that fails, I will lower expectations and run anyway. As this is another race on my todo list. Will be running with the BAA masters as this is the USATF grand prix finale. At least I am getting some new races in this year! Cheers! -Kyle