Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ready To Line Up For The 115th

I am ready to go! Legs feel okay. Looks to be a pretty good day with a tail wind. I will give the fast pace a shot and see what happens. I wish eveyone a great race! I think there will be some PRs tomorrow. #731 -Kyle

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bib #731 - Starting To Wind Things Down

Trying to keep up: 337 miles total for March (10.9mi/day). Last week: 9600yds, 94mi, 49mi Hey, I finally found the pool! Swimming has been going great. I'm looking forward to open water swimming. Let's hope for some unusually warm days AFTER the marathon. Not much to talk about with the bike; I think one day was outside. Weather still not cooperating. Final weeks of training have been in lousy conditions. It's been hard to gauge where I am with fitness level. The miles for March were very big and just a bit over 2010. Last few track workouts in windy/rainy conditions, also making it hard to gauge. I had a great run on Thursday in mild conditions for a change! 2x20min at PMP tempo - I am right there, so will be going for it on 4/18!!! I have nothing to lose and might as well go out and let it rip. Next few days look to be unusually mild and honestly, I would rather see it stay cool here all the way through the marathon. Keep fingers crossed for a good day! Last year's conditions were ideal and who knows if we will ever see day like that again! This year is my 15th consecutive Boston marathon! On target for 60 miles this week, not much else going on and starting to taper as this old body is definitely tired and needs rest. I hope everyone's training has gone well and folks are starting to get rest! 9 days and counting ... -Kyle