Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Officially Back in IM Training

The countdown to Eagleman has begun. I am now less than four weeks away from my first big triathlon of the year. That said, I managed to screw up my shoulder and have been unable to swim for the last week, so the focus has been on everything else:

Swim-3500, Bike-145, Run-58

I am running the Bedford, NH 12K this weekend as a race to keep me in race shape, no other goals .... but, I gaurantee a PR! Yes, for obvious reasons. It will be good to hook-up with the BAA masters team and do a race. It might be a while before I can do another one with them.

Desperately need a long ride! I am falling behind, words that shouldn't come out of the ATT guy. I just hope for some good days matching when I can do the ride, else I might set some new PRs on rides on a trainer in my basement. The sounds of which are dreadful, but I may have no choice. My time is also being squeezed, so I may have to resort to the hardcore, no sleep, torture of riding at 5:am again. That may be my only choice.

I hope everyone's training is going well. It's amazing to think that IMLP is only two months away from this Sunday, which leaves only six weeks for training.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Time To Get Serious (Again)

Sudbury Spring Sprint Result:

Swim (400yds) 6:17, Bike (7mi) 20:40, Run (2.3mi) 13:58 (transitions incl. in splits)
Total Time 40:56
2nd AG, 8th Overall

I always ask myself why I do this race - 1 marathon + 2 weeks of recovery + 1 week easy training = 5 weeks of no speed work. Conditions: windy and cool. This is a good prep race for me as it gets me into the tri season early and helps with the mind-set. I am please with my swim and run times - my bike; much slower than last year, but I think that can be attributed to the two weeks off.

Anyway, time to get serious about training! I will be focused on VOLUME for the next week or so ... need to get those bike miles in. Eagleman is 5 weeks away and I need to be ready for that race, as it will be shot #1 at a Kona slot for me this year and I want to achieve that goal!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Recovery Ends ... Back To Training

It has been a great two weeks. I definitely celebrated and gained a few pounds. As far as training; not much of anything the first week, then some light activity ramping back into last weekend. No issues with the body ... no shin splints or other nagging things - TG. Now that it is May and I have two big tri-races coming in June and July, it is time once again to cross back over to being a triathlete. Also, Sudbury Sprint this weekend; no major goals, just a prep for the season. It will also be the MRC rematch. We'll see how it goes, but next week it is time to get serious about some big bike miles. I may try to squeeze in a Pat Bell TT tonight if it doesn't thunderstorm. I really need to get some speed work in on the bike also. It looks like the first open water swim at Walden may be happening this week - early for this time of year.

Anyway, Congrats to all those who ran Boston this year under those great conditions. Who knows if we will ever see a day like that again for the next decade. I hope everyone's recovery has gone well. I will also post answers to the training questions folks have been asking about this year's Boston training, etc.

See everyone on the road. Anyone interested in joining some weekend rides, check the MRC site (link on sidebar).