Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Year End Numbers

Year Total, Month (avg.), Day (avg.)

Swimming: 237652, 19804, 668 Yards

Biking: 4416, 368, 12.4 Miles

Running: 2111, 176, 5.93 Miles

Almost 6 miles per day average running for the whole year! not bad.

Biggest Month Swimming: June, 34200 yards

Biggest Month Biking: May, 708 miles

Biggest Month Running: March, 335 miles (10.8 miles per day average for the month)

Conclusion: Need to bike more in 2011!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Getting Back Into A Rhythm

A few weeks since my last post ... Just want to let everyone know everything is good. The achilles thing is behind me and I am slowly ramping things back up. I am already scheduling 2011 and not looking back. I have already shot my mouth off about running 2:45 at Boston in April. That's 6:18 per mile! Yikes!!! This probably means that I will need to run close to 6:10 per mile and give up the rest in the hills! At age 45, it is going to take some discipline, but I will give it a shot. No sense in backing down now. Focus will need to be on speed; intervals and tempo. Anyway, I have kept my promise and I have logged every single mile biked and run, and every yard swum in 2010. I will post these around the end of the month or after the new year. Then everyone can look at the numbers and tell me if I'm nuts or not. It has been a very cold New England December, but we are lucky that there has been no snow and trails are still open. I can't remember a year that we didn't already have snow on the ground a month ago. I'm sure it won't last much longer, so I will enjoy trails as long as possible and then get forced back out onto the streets. I am looking forward to some XC skiing though. Okay, so I am looking for suggestions for next year. Other than Boston and IMLP, I have no definite plans yet, but I am starting to look at races. I am also thinking about getting a coach again for bike training. It has been a few years since I had my beloved coach, but he has moved to AZ and I really could use someone like him again (bike times need to get faster, not slower). Please post race suggestions and let me know what folks have on the radar screen for 2011.


Friday, December 3, 2010

Off-Season Continues, But Starting Up Again

Some heel soreness after the Groton trail race led to some stiffness in the Achilles. Starting to run again slowly, back on the bike and swimming in the pool regularly again. It feels good to be going again. My body and brain is wired to be going aerobically all the time. I sleep better and seem to behave better with the eating, etc. I'm already looking at races next year. Of course the two big races in the first half will be the 115th running of the Boston Marathon, my 15th Boston in a row and LP2011. As of now it looks like I am out for the Half Marathon Championships in February. I may pick another local half or ten miler and do New Bedford again or maybe not. This has been the ritual for a number of years now and it may be time to do something different. As far as half irons ... I don't know. I just need to pick one - there are a number of them at the right time for IM prep and or maybe pick some different races and distances for that matter.

Anyway, I am telling a lot of different people to do the same thing here in off-season; do something different. I am hoping to get some cross-country skiing here when we get some snow; it won't be long.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Enjoying The Off-Season

Well, it has been three weeks ... I know it is completely inappropriate for this blog and some folks will be shocked, but ... I am really enjoying the off-season (scream, horror). It is a strange and new sensation to me ... the one who can not stop and will train through wind, rain, snow and Armageddon. I will admit that I have done some running and swimming, but very little. I am now starting to ramp back-up and I think it has come very easy to me, as I have had no recovery from any big races or a marathon or anything like that. January 1 will roll around soon enough and I will be back trying to one-up on last year's Boston. The bike ... there has been no biking, bike-commuting, cross, mtb or anything (boo, throwing objects). I cycled more today with MRC folks than I have cycled in the last two months! only 35 miles. I am enjoying my return and maybe a little time away from the sport has been good. Last year was maybe a little too extreme. The good news is I haven't ballooned into the fat B@st@rd like last year after Clearwater. Anyway, I am moving on ... there really aren't any races this time of year locally, so I will return with fresh spirit and enjoy this time, not worrying about training, times, mileage, etc.

Please comment if you actually think I can be succesful at this.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Groton 10 Mile Trail Race Report

My return to the Groton Trail Race ... I checked coolrunning and it was indeed 6 years ago when I last ran this race. The race has really grown in size and to no surprise; the same trail gurus that were there 6 years ago and at all the other trail races I have run, were there. To say the least, it was pretty well stacked with some fast guys and is part of the big trail race series. Here's the report; not much running the two weeks before, I decided to race as it was almost like a taper into a race. Absolutely zero speed work over the last month. Weather cool with rain threatening through-out the morning. After a delay of 20 minutes, they finally got the race off. Out to a VERY fast start, these two guys went off at an unbelievably fast pace. It's hard to pass on these trails, so I got out fast and tried to settle-in at a good pace; one that would be sustainable over this distance and terrain. For those who have not run this race; it's HARD. Up and down with some steep climbing and descents. Nothing like Wapak, but never-less some steep cross-country-esque hills with tough footing especially on some of the downhills. I did absolutely no preparation for these and I don't have any trails like that locally, so it was a stretch for me. Also, as I have said before, I do not do well on the fast downhills. I was just out of control most of the time and I just do not have the balance and/or coordination for that, so I lose time to these guys. On a positive note, this has been my first trail race in three years!! Wapack 07 was my last. Talk about a long stretch, I need to target at least one trail race a year.

Results: 14th Overall 1:09:25 A new PR!!!

I will take sub-1:10 any day and I smashed my PR by four minutes. I know I had run Baystate a couple weeks earlier in 04, so my legs were a bit on the recovery. Anyway, I am glad I ran this race and I had a really good race too! I like the low-key feeling of the trail races. No big award ceremonies or any of that stuff - just bragging rights. I really needed something like that this fall. Anyway, I have gone into off-season and will be taking some time off the next few weeks. I may do some easy running, but for now I just want the body to recover from all the endurance training this year. I did not want to repeat last year; crazy training and racing, way to much.

Looking for another form of exercise that doesn't involve the usual three - anyone have some suggestions? Also, I want to do some XC ski races this year. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. I will probably try Great Brook or Weston. I hope everyone had a great year and is winding down for the year. I will probably start running again around Thanksgiving and then start training for Boston on Jan 1st.

Cheers! -Kyle

Friday, October 22, 2010

MRC Cyclocross

I can spell the MRC Cyclocross race: F-U-N!!! That race was a blast and that was the most fun I have had in a long time. I am going to be surprised if this race doesn't become one of the biggest cross races in New England. I loved the new venue; the Lancaster Fairgrounds. I can go on and on; the beer, the chili, hanging out with team-mates and friends on a gorgeous fall day. I loved the course also, not easy and the club featured a "fly over" which means you pick-up your bike and climb stairs, mount quickly and fly down a steep ramp. This pick is me going back under the fly over (thanks for the pic Russ!!!) - big smile on my face. I hadn't honestly touched a bike in three-weeks (thumbs down, boo, unhappy face), so I just jumped in and raced with no expectations, goals or even caring about racing; which is probably what made it so much fun. I had only one crash; sprinting against Mark from Landrys, I passed him and said "you aren't going to let me pass you are you?" We proceded to sprint down a straight away, of course I passed him only to be going way too fast into the turn and did a complete 180 only to be facing Mark coming at me. He spared riding me over though and I paid him back when he WIPED OUT going down the flyover and I held this young guy from mounting and riding over him as he was laying on his back at the bottom of the ramp! I put my CX tires on the night before only to see that the tread is worn on both tires; they need to be chucked. Anyway, I really enjoyed that race and raced well. I was definitely in a groove 2/3 of the way through (also, not one CX practice this fall and I still raced).

Back to running. I am racing the Groton 10mile trail race this weekend(cheers! hooray! clapping!). I have mostly been running trails, so I think it makes sense for me to race now and maybe do an early off-season or some other low-key races. My numbers have decreased over the last week in a half, so it has almost been like a taper. I look forward to returning to Groton. I think it has been 5 or 6 years sense I last raced there.

I hope everyone is enjoying fall. It has been a cool fall for us New Englanders. Let me know what everyone else is doing! I may jump into another cross or trail race in the near future.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tornados, The Jellies and The Fall Season

Okay, so it wasn't a tornado (I just like to get people's attention), but was an incredible force exhibited by mother nature flexing her muscle. Okay, I don't know what the correct term is; microburst, downburst or windshear. I think they are relative terms (if anyone skilled in weather is reading this please comment below). Anyone who knows this blog always knows there is a story.

Date: October 1st
Time: approximately 10:am
Location: Boxborough, MA

No fancy doppler on wheels or TIV (tornado intercept vehicle) like you see on those shows on TV. Just a couple of guys out for a run on a fall morning. Instead of chasing storms, the storm chased us. Here is the story ...

I arrive at friend Bill's house late again for the run. He is pointing to the weather channel saying that the squall line is coming our way and that we should get going. I had seen the report on NECN, which was wrong again! That we would see the heavy rain until afternoon. Looked to be pretty good conditions for a run, except that it was extremely humid. We did the usual 8 mile out and back. At the 4 mile turn around, I noticed the oncoming weather, as I could see what looked like a black curtain in the distance and I point and say, "I think that is the squall line." I get an atta boy for that one, as we now have the wind picking up and blowing acorns and stuff on us. I comment; don't worry about the acorns, I just don't want a tree limb or something to fall. No more than 60 seconds later would we experience something I had never before. It was like the wind picked-up, but never stopped picking up. It was so extreme that I am watching the trees blowing over and it just keeps getting more intense. Now debris is flying everywhere! The trees are now bent over like an upside down J. A big tree right in front of us, big - bigger that I could wrap my arms around - it just could not withstand the force, snaps off at the base. That was okay until another tree on the other side of the road snaps and falls across the road in front of us into the power lines. When it hit the power lines every thing lights-up like a lightning strike. I was pretty well convinced at that point that our lives were in danger. I see the look of horror on Bill's face. His hair is being blown horizontally to one side. I look for some open sky, as the next tree to come down would probably be on us. I signal over here and we jump a wall into some one's yard and run over to their house and end up pinned up against the backside of their chimney. If the house goes over we would be dead anyway, so it was a pretty good option. I joke that I think I will stop my watch and maybe we should stay here for a minute. The debris is still flying over the house, but we for the moment are safe. Then it is over ... we walk across lawns to avoid the downed power lines and run home in torrential rain with lots of adrenaline. This week I run trails and discover trees down along the same line (I think it is called a yaw line), with another big tree that had fallen across the train tracks (and was then cut-up). Any weak trees are down along this line. I've been running competitively now for 35 years and I've seen a lot; had to ditch many a time with strong thunderstorm cells, but I have never experience something like that!!! I estimate the wind speed was around 100mph, which would make it hurricane force.

Moving on to the Jellies.... I would swim later that day and I know everyone has heard - I see jelly fish in Walden. I thought they were air bubbles at first, but then I see one very clearly. Hyperspace to 10/8 - my last open water swim of the year (I think!?). The water was unusually clear and I see thousands, probably tens of thousands of jelly fish. They are indeed fresh water jelly fish from Asia. Scientists aren't sure if they will or will not be back next year. I've been swimming in Walden since I was a kid and again, have never seen anything like that!

Weekly running numbers:

9/20 - 58
9/27 - 51
10/4 - 48mi

I will summarize the last three weeks; I am unable to put in the necessary training in for a marathon, too busy and the time has just slipped away. I am planning to run Manchester half marathon instead or maybe just call it a year and look towards 2011. It's kind of a bummer, but now is just a bad time for me. Next weekend I will do the MRC cross race and have some fun!!

Hope everyone is doing well. Lot's of MRC folks CX racing every weekend. I just saw Macca won Kona. Also, lot's of other big races last weekend BAA half, which I want to do some year and Hartford, also on my radar screen.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Successful End To 2010 Tri-Season, Pumpkinman Report

A good end to a disastrous tri-season; Pumpkinman would go well for a change. No issues going into this race. The only question would be fitness and speed, as doing an Ironman every summer seems to bomb the rest of the season. All that endurance training and the long recovery (4 weeks for me this year) seems to eliminate any speed in the legs. This summer has been unusually hot, which I think makes training, especially interval training on the bike and definitely running, that much more difficult.
Well, I definitely finish my year satisfied. I realize next year I will have to make some adjustments, as I need to avoid the problems I had this year.
Anyway, the race report:
The Swim:
Two loops in a small pond. Swam well. Time 29:31 - I am pretty sure this is a PR. Very consistent with the way my swimming has gone. I seem to be PR'ing in the swim at all the races this year. 2010 has definitely been a great year for me is this discipline.
The Bike:
Course: Rolling hills with one decent climb.
Anyone who reads this blog always know there is going to be some kind of story. The long and the short. I thought my race was over at 5 miles into the bike! What happened? I had just passed the guy who would be my competitor in my age group. I was going down a long hill at about 30mph and look ahead to see a shiny piece of metal in the road. The sun is now peaking out of the clouds ... I see it then hit it. At 30 mph all I hear is the sound of air coming out of my front tire. A tubular disc in the back, my clincher in the front and I decided to take the risk; only a CO2 cartridge on my frame bag under my nutrition. I sat up, in shock, rolling along ... I can't believe my season ends like this; a disastrous end to a disastrous season!! I am now looking down at the tire expecting to see it starting to flat. I have to signal and actually find a driveway to pull-over, with no shoulder and I want to avoid someone crashing into me. I hunch over for a second, then look down at the tire. No more sound of air coming out??!! I quickly decide to start down the hill again only to get up to speed and hear what I thought was air coming out. I stop, jump off the bike and examine the entire tire - no air leaking. I quickly spin the wheel and I'm realizing there is something stuck. A powerbar wrapper trapped between my fork and wheel. I pull it out, jump back on the bike and start hammering; maybe I can catch back up. Why did it take me so much time 80 seconds, 90 seconds, 2 minutes to figure it out? It's called waking-up at 4:45am. My body will work, but my brain just doesn't do well getting up that early. I started to get a little out of control with 50 miles to go, but then had a sense of relief that I would finish this race ... tried to relax and have fun. I can make up a lot of ground on the run anyway.
Time: 2:35
The run:
What can I say? I always run hard. I run down a couple of 45+er's within the first mile and a half. Everyone I pass after that isn't in my age group. To my surprise, the run is very hilly with not much flat. I know they have changed this course to make it more accurate. A lot of looping back and forth over the hills, I pass a lot of people, but seem to be running alone after 10 miles. It's hard to tell because of the loops. The winner, a pro ran 1:23:40, which was where I hoped to be, but not on this course. I think the distance was accurate, but I could not just get into my target pace after the first two miles. I ran hard the whole way until the turn to go up the big hill to finish. I am running hard up the hill when one of the volunteers leans over and says "there is absolutely no one behind you" - I relax and cruise to the finish.
Slow time, but I ran hard and I need to get some speed back in my legs. It has been a long time since I have done a track workout or run a race at any distance for that matter.
Time: 4:44, 33rd Overall, 2nd Age Group
This was a great race! I really enjoyed it. It is in a nice setting in southern Maine and a nice place to have a race. Well organized, great food, beer, great massage, they take the prizes seriously with the podium set-up and all. I will definitely consider this race for next year.
So that's it. I switch back to runner mode for the fall and start looking at some races. I don't plan to put the bike away yet, so maybe that late season duo or some cyclocross and some mtn biking. I still don't have any races or marathons planned yet. Need to clear my head before I plan anything or maybe just have some fun this fall and not train for anything specific. As always, I expect there will be some ATT coming back at some point, but I still have a few weeks to decide. Manchester marathon is also a possibility, being so late in the season.
Above photos from this year's IMLP. Cheers!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tri Season Training Comes to an End, PumpkinMan this weekend

Not doing a great job keeping up with the blog. My focus seems to be in other places.

I am wrapping-up the training for this season, as PumpkinMan Half Iron this year will be my last triathlon for 2010. I have no expectations or really any pressure going into this race. I would like to bag my age group, but we'll see how that goes. Fitness is good; body is good; not as light as I was for LP, but my weight seems to be stuck at 150lbs ~ 7%.

Training numbers the last two weeks:

2200, 200, 45
5100, 150, 44

Not bad at all for late season training.

I have absolutely no plans after this race. I am going to resume running mode and see what happens. Manchester Marathon is still a possibilty for a late season big race.

I hope everyone is happy with their season! I am already looking on to next year and try to plan out a season that makes sense. Everone seems to be doing different stuff this fall; marathoms, cyclocross, trail races, etc.

Let me know what folks have on the radar screen.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's been a few weeks, but back in action

Just realizing how long it has been since my last post. Recovery has been over for a week now and I have already raced again last week at Westborough Sprint Tiriathlon. It was a fun race put on by Mark and the Sun Multisport guys. It actually turned out to be a pretty big race with 350? or something athletes and some fast guys showing up, I had a good race (10th OA and 1st Elite - not many elites and no pros), but honestly, my legs just weren't there yet. IM recovery takes weeks and I think this year it has taken me over 3 weeks. I have run longer the last few days and my legs are finally coming back. This pick above is from IMLP. This is me on the second loop headed back to the ski jumps at around 22mi. Thanks to Ted for finding this PIC! I look good and I know I was running well and had come back from the dead to finsih well this year. I look back and I'm happy that I could come back from a disasterous training period and actually get to race and have a good race. Looking forward I will be racing Pumpkinman Tri on 9/12 - my LAST tri of the year. I actually have some training to do and look forward to having some fun up there and racing well as this will cap off my tri season and there is no pressure. After that? I don't know. I really have no plans and it might be a good year for me not to have any plans. I would like to race up at Manchester again, but we'll see. I hope everyone has had a good summer of racing! Let me know what everyone has planned for the late summer and fall. -Kyle

Friday, July 30, 2010

Lake Placid Report - Good Race, but No Slot

Looking back at the race, I am pleased and I think things went well. My pre-race plan; have a good swim and PR. For the bike; definitely lowered expectations, targeted 5:40 - there was no way a 5:30 was in the cards without sacrificing the run. The run; make it all up on the run and do a 3:15 - 3:20. I thought that might give me a shot at a slot.

Here is the result:

Swim : 1:04:42 New PR!!
Bike: 5:45:29 (19.5mph)
Run: 3:43:18 (8:32)

Everthing went great up until mile 12 on the run, where I started to run out of gas. The legs were fine, but I was running out of energy. At mile 14, I felt like I had completely bonked and started walking the aid stations. I walked and took in as much fuel as I could; chocolate chip cookies, pretzels, etc. and at 16 miles I started to come back and ran the last 10 well. So what happened? I had fuelded like crazy, but had run out of electrolytes and had low blood sugar? I had enduralyte tabs, but didn't take them because it was cool and I had taken in plenty. So it may be a combination of two things; (1) Power Bar drink and not the gatorade endurance formula - which is loaded with salt and sugar. I just don't think that Power Bar drink has the electrolytes, so I should have taken those enduralyte tabs (everyone has been in my ear about taking them). (2) 145 lbs. - I am 7 lbs lighter then last year. This is new for me. Obviously I am not holding as much being so thin, so I think this is a lesson on racing on a light frame - take in more nutrition!!!! escpecially on the run.

I signed up the day before the race for next year - as an insurance policy, because of all the problems this year. I need to come back next year with a better training period and avoid the injuries. Anyway, another one down and I am looking forward to some smaller race and having some fun. No plans right now for the fall, but I may do a late summer half IM or shorter distance.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great race! The conditions were pretty good this year.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Race Week

Still training earlier this week, but low intensity. The buttons now are in off position. I will roll along the next few days taking it easy and trying to get some rest. I am hoping for some cool weather up at LP, as this 85-90deg summer days are okay to train in, but I think will be problematic to race an ironman in.

Anyway, I am looking forward to this race! I hope to nail the race this year and come back with a Kona slot. As always, anything less will be considered failure.

This training period has been unusual, but I am incredibly fit and I think that is going to help me this year.

I wish all those racing good luck!! I will post again if possible and will let everyone know the schedule up at LP. I always love to get up there, into the race environment - only can be appreciated by the hardcores that race up there every year.

Keep fingers crossed and see everyone up there.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Entering Taper Phase

Everything is good and the final weeks of training have gone well:

6/28-7/4: 2100yds, 225mi, 49mi
7/5 - 7/11; 7000yds, 222mi, 55mi

I am starting to tone things down this week. Things haven't gone perfect this training period or rather, since the beginning of the year, but I pulled off a good Boston. Let's see if I can do the same up at IMLP.

The numbers are good. Swimming; I think we will see the PR drop at LP this year. Biking; I think I have got my bike legs back. Plan is to moderate the bike leg and come in around 5:30. Running; I always feels good running. I need to nail the marathon this year! I have still yet to nail an Ironman. Hopefully this is the year! Weight; skinny. Last check was 146lbs @ 6% (how can that be right?). Looks like I won't have to lug that extra 4lbs around!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Out Of The Penalty Box and Back In The Saddle

I wanted to let everyone know that recovery has gone really well and I think this thing is behind me finally. Yesterday; 100mi ride + 5mi fast run followed by 17mi run today. Everything is great and I am back in full swing. I swam 24K yds the last two weeks, so I am taking a break and focusing on biking. I will be up at Finger Lakes NY next week on vacation, so looking forward to some long rides and trying to get my run speed back. Also, I can swim whenever I want. My weight is freakishly low ~ 144 lbs @ 6% body fat (I think the monitor should read 2% body fat). I am 5lbs lighter than before IM France, something I thought not possible. Probably the thinnest I've been since undergrad school. It's from all the swimming and running, and all those ibuprofens and other stuff, just kills the appetite. I've got my confidence back have LOTS of time to sharpen up before IMLP. Just need to keep head screwed on straight. -Kyle

Monday, June 28, 2010

Still On Rehab Assignment

Well ... I have nobody to blame but myself; too much, too hard and I ignored the warning signs.

If I want to be a better athlete, I need to train smarter, not necessarily harder.

So the injury is to my Sacro-illiac Joint (SIJ), which is literally the back joint. I am told that it is the soft tissue around the joint and not muscular or disc related. That said, it is at the bottom of the spinal column where all the nerves come out and go to the hips and legs. This is certainly the worst injury I have ever had to my back. When asked if I have ever had this problem before I said no, but seemed to remember some stiffness before. I checked the old blog and I found this post and sure enough it is the same thing; hurts to sit and was totally set-off from the drive to and back from Eagleman. It has been a painful two weeks. I have been able to swim and started running last week with very little riding (13,300yds, 36mi, 30mi). Anyway, I know I am not out of the woods yet and the main concern is to not go back into the penalty box again. With four weeks left before IMLP, I am in the danger zone. Need to train, but also need to get to the starting line healthy. I can't bring back the last two weeks of missed riding, but I'm back on the bike this week. Everyone keep fingers crossed. -Kyle

Monday, June 14, 2010

Disaster Strikes, Unable to Compete at Eagleman

Worst possible scenario; some soreness in the back earlier in the week. Long drive in that static position left me with back spasms Friday night, only to be unable to walk Saturday and Sunday with sharp pains going all the way down my right leg. I am going down for a few days. Will keep everyone posted.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Off To Eagleman

Well, the first big race of the season is here! It came fast, but I think I am well prepared. My strategy is to go ALL OUT from the beginning. If I blow up, I blow up. Not holding anything back, as this race is going to be very competitive!

I'll post a race report when I get back on Monday.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another Light Week, Preparing for Eagleman

Boy, looking at these numbers - they seem very small, especially when compared to the big numbers from the week before:

5/31-6/6: 3200yds, 104mi, 44mi

Although, a desperately needed and scheduled complete day-off, and miserable alergies to pine pollen; sore throat, hack, etc. kept me out of the open water all week - though the numbers are small, I manged to get in a few speed work sessions in all three disciplines, which will help me for the race. I guess more of a focus on quality than quantity - it's all good and I feel very fit (150lbs @ 6% body fat). Actually, things are going quite well and I think I will have a good race this weekend. I hope it is not going to be too hot! They've been averaging a lot of 90 degree days.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Falling Behind? Not Falling Behind?

That is the question. At the end of last week, I knew I was behind and in desperate need of some big miles to compensate the lack of adequate training:

5/17 - 5/23: 5400yds, 173mi, 42mi

Not enough training all around. Almost looks like a rest week. Then:

5/24 - 5/30: 8500yds, 245mi, 45mi

Back on track with last Friday - 1600yds, 104mi, 13mi

First big workout of the year and some extra running thanks to getting off the trail in Willard SP for some extra credit. Makes for a long day, but now I can focus on some speedwork this week and taper the second half of next week for Eagleman.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Officially Back in IM Training

The countdown to Eagleman has begun. I am now less than four weeks away from my first big triathlon of the year. That said, I managed to screw up my shoulder and have been unable to swim for the last week, so the focus has been on everything else:

Swim-3500, Bike-145, Run-58

I am running the Bedford, NH 12K this weekend as a race to keep me in race shape, no other goals .... but, I gaurantee a PR! Yes, for obvious reasons. It will be good to hook-up with the BAA masters team and do a race. It might be a while before I can do another one with them.

Desperately need a long ride! I am falling behind, words that shouldn't come out of the ATT guy. I just hope for some good days matching when I can do the ride, else I might set some new PRs on rides on a trainer in my basement. The sounds of which are dreadful, but I may have no choice. My time is also being squeezed, so I may have to resort to the hardcore, no sleep, torture of riding at 5:am again. That may be my only choice.

I hope everyone's training is going well. It's amazing to think that IMLP is only two months away from this Sunday, which leaves only six weeks for training.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Time To Get Serious (Again)

Sudbury Spring Sprint Result:

Swim (400yds) 6:17, Bike (7mi) 20:40, Run (2.3mi) 13:58 (transitions incl. in splits)
Total Time 40:56
2nd AG, 8th Overall

I always ask myself why I do this race - 1 marathon + 2 weeks of recovery + 1 week easy training = 5 weeks of no speed work. Conditions: windy and cool. This is a good prep race for me as it gets me into the tri season early and helps with the mind-set. I am please with my swim and run times - my bike; much slower than last year, but I think that can be attributed to the two weeks off.

Anyway, time to get serious about training! I will be focused on VOLUME for the next week or so ... need to get those bike miles in. Eagleman is 5 weeks away and I need to be ready for that race, as it will be shot #1 at a Kona slot for me this year and I want to achieve that goal!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Recovery Ends ... Back To Training

It has been a great two weeks. I definitely celebrated and gained a few pounds. As far as training; not much of anything the first week, then some light activity ramping back into last weekend. No issues with the body ... no shin splints or other nagging things - TG. Now that it is May and I have two big tri-races coming in June and July, it is time once again to cross back over to being a triathlete. Also, Sudbury Sprint this weekend; no major goals, just a prep for the season. It will also be the MRC rematch. We'll see how it goes, but next week it is time to get serious about some big bike miles. I may try to squeeze in a Pat Bell TT tonight if it doesn't thunderstorm. I really need to get some speed work in on the bike also. It looks like the first open water swim at Walden may be happening this week - early for this time of year.

Anyway, Congrats to all those who ran Boston this year under those great conditions. Who knows if we will ever see a day like that again for the next decade. I hope everyone's recovery has gone well. I will also post answers to the training questions folks have been asking about this year's Boston training, etc.

See everyone on the road. Anyone interested in joining some weekend rides, check the MRC site (link on sidebar).


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mission Accomplished!! 2:49:53

Not the same feat as putting Armstrong on the moon, but I reached my goal!!!

The race day conditions were ideal and I can't remember if we have had such perfect conditions in the last fourteen years. It certainly shows with the course record being broken.

Anyway, the race report:

I felt strong from the beginning and ran with Brian and John B. for many miles. It helped having them run the pace and it felt easy. We broke apart, and at the half I felt fresh and I knew this thing was coming down. Quick stop at 16mi to kiss the family and then back on pace. Heartbreak did feel hard, as trying to sustain that pace over the hills is difficult! Still strong and trying to maintain pace, at 22mi. team-mate and friend John B. flew by me at 6:00 min. pace? I say I am going to stay with him, but end up chasing. It is good because I am staying on pace the last few miles, where I am checking watch and I know I am right on the line for sub-2:50. Just as I start to cave in and say I can't break 2:50 - right before the right and then left onto Boylston - I pass 400M to go and check watch - I have 90 seconds. I say to myself - it has to happen right now! I don't care if they zip me into a body-bag at the finish. I then go all out in absolute agony and run an 83 second 1/4mi sprinting and break 2:50 by 7 seconds - 2:49:53!

I would like to thank my family, friends and team-mates, that have supported me and helped me achieve this goal through training, encouragement and camaraderie. You can achieve your goals if you believe in yourself. It has now been three years since I announced that I would break 2:50 in the marathon. The great thing for me is it came at Boston at the big race, on the hard course, with all the attention. It seems like yesterday the goal was the break 3:00 hours and that has long since been gone.

So what now?? I guess the answer is: I turn 45 this year, so why not next year try to run 2:45?

Cheers! I am celebrating this week. I hope everyone had a great race on Monday!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

114th Boston Marathon

I Love this number !!! Corral one, amen.

I hope everyone has a great race!

To Track: Text RUNNER to 31901 - my number is 1750.

Good luck to everyone running! It is going to be a great day!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Final Week

Time to put the brakes on and take it easy. The 7 day is for 59 degrees and partly cloudy. I will take those conditions any day. Last Wednesday was a long bike day - beautiful weather, but very hot. I could get away with it last week, but tomorrow the bike gets put away for a week. Easy running planned for the week with some light intervals and some PMP tempo. Body is good, no issues and lean (150lbs ~ 6.5% body fat). Looks like I will have a shot at that sub-2:50 - we will see how it goes. Last week: 6050yds, 131mi and 57 mi. I hope everyone is getting rest this week.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 13 and March Totals

Here are the numbers:

Week 13: Swim-8200, Bike-81mi, Run-68mi

March Totals: Swim-31750 yds, Bike-467mi, Run-335 mi

Not bad. That comes out to almost 11 miles per day average over the month and that folks is a personal record. A lousy first half of the week only to be rewarded with summer-like temperatures over the weekend, but no bike commuting miles definitely meant a low bike mile week. With less running and decent weather, I think I will make up for it this week and then off the bike again next week as a taper for the marathon - 2 weeks from today!


Friday, April 2, 2010

2010 Race Schedule

Here's the current schedule - I will move it to a side bar like everyone else:

April 19th 114th Running Of The Boston Marathon (Goal sub-2:50)

May 9th, Sudbury Spring Sprint Triathlon

TBD May 16th, Lions Sprint Tri Marlborough, MA

June 13th EagleMan 1/2 IronMan, Cambridge, Maryland

July 25th IronMan Lake Placid, NY (F'ing Kona or Bust)

Maybe Timberman? Maybe Manchester Marathon??

The one thing I do know for sure, I am going back to Melbourne in 2011 to compete as a 45 year old and podium!!!



Monday, March 29, 2010

Weeks 11 & 12, Three weeks until Boston

Not keeping up with the posts again. Thanks to all that are following. I will try to keep up, as my hit counter has a lot of hits lately, so folks are checking in.

Week 11: Swim-4600 yds, Bike-129mi, Run - 68 mi

Week 12: Swim-7K yds, Bike-140 mi, Run - 74mi

New Bedford Report: Too many miles and exhaustion; This race just always comes at the wrong time; right in the toughest part of the training for Boston. Out fast and out to set the world on fire, only to run out of gas at 11 and run two 7+min/mile to go home with tale between legs. It was an unusually warm and not windy day - not your typical New Bedford race conditions.

No problems with the body, with the exception of exhaustion. A direct result of burning the candle at both ends for too long. With another set of flooding rains coming in the next few days, I will be looking to get some rest, as we are starting to get into the taper phase for Boston.

And ... (drum roll please) I am FINALLY in corral #1 this year! It only took 2:52 flat to get me there. That bodes well for me this year, as I will be at that line looking at the elites.

Race Number: 1750

Certainly an easy number to remember. Any way, three weeks from today will by 14th consecutive Boston Marathon. Goal: sub-2:50.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Week #10 Big Numbers

Okay, so here are the numbers:

Swim-8100 yds, Bike-124 mi, Run-90 mi

It's not hard to see where the focus has been. Cycling getting easier now that winter has gone out the door. I am looking to get in some long outdoor rides now that the temps are up.

New Bedford half marathon is this weekend. Last prep race before Boston. Race Goal: come back with a PR! (1:22:08 at NewBedford in 2007 stands).

Monday, March 8, 2010

Weeks #8, #9 and Feb Totals

Once again, falling behind with the posts. Week #8 was a bit of a disaster, sore leg - which may be a shin-splint - although on the side of the shin. Missed speed work and tempo, but still gutted out some miles. Good week focused on swimming and giving the shin some time to heal.

Week #8 Swim-9500 yds, Bike-89 miles, Run-50 mi

and then when I thought I would miss a number of days of running:

Week #9 Swim-6400 yds, Bike-69 mi, Run-78 mi

Totally front loaded with running, feeling good and then a weekend ski trip in unusually warm weather - warmest I have ever skied at Wildcat, never mind that it is early March. Spectacular views of Mt. Washington too!

Totals for February: Swim-26,600 yds, Bike-366 mi, Run-211 mi

Not bad for 28 days.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Week #7 Numbers

Overall, a very balanced week, as far as IM training. First big run on the BAA course - 24miles at good pace (actually slowed it down after 5mi to keep in check). Unfortunately, sore leg from doing 1mi intervals outside on the roads, including the downhills. Felt good on the 24mi run, but need some time for recovery, which may effect week 8 numbers. Also, 8 weeks untils the Boston Marathon! Wow! coming quick and I feel the need to spike the running distance - would like to have a week in the 80s?

Totals: Swim-9K, B-98mi, R-62mi

All is well and I'm giving the leg (on the right side - it's the first step down the stairs that hurts) a little TLC and get this thing back in action. All is going well all-around - swimming, biking and running. Although, I am leaning this early in the season to do some monster running miles, as I feel the pressure to PR at Boston on April 19th!!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Week #6 Training Numbers

Week 6 is much more balanced with the focus going back to the bike. All is going well and I am finally getting back into shape. I'm around 155 lbs @ 9% body fat. Not bad and I can even look at myself in the mirror again (you vain bast... ), but that is part of the motivation too. I would say that I didn't run that much this week, but when you throw a 20 miler in it equals a 50 mile week. I'm feeling good on the bike too ... would like to keep these miles up. Mix and match - outside and indoor miles.

2/8: S-2500, B-14, R-4
2/9: B-17, R-9
2/10: B-24, R-5
2/11: B-48, R-5
2/12: S-2400, B-16, R-4, Other-weights&core
2/13: B-32, R-6
2/14: R-20

Totals: S-5K, B-151, R-53

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Melbourne Race Report and Numbers

We had a great time in Florida! About the only negative was that they didn't launch the space shuttle on Sunday and I flew back that evening, so I missed it. It would have been something to watch - I could see it from the balcony of our hotel suite. We got to see it close on Friday when we toured the Kennedy ("I want a man on the moon!") Space Center, cool stuff. Anyway the race report:

Lot's of complaining and whining about the conditions from the runners. I like those conditions. The race is early (7:am) sharp, so the sun is just coming up and it was cool - low/mid-40s and VERY windy. Lot's of very fast runners and a lot of them in my age group. Quick start and then a left directly into the wind. The course is almost a rectangle with two causeways that cross the Indian River. The first 4 miles or so are not so protected, so the wind was a factor. 6:08 at the first mile, but the first four were at about 6:12 pace. The wind angled at the back across the first bridge, then along a footpath and through neighborhoods coming back down. I think the thing I had the most trouble with was the pace. It seemed like I was working very hard and about at 8mi I was falling off pace. The second crossing angled directly into the wind was brutal on everyone. You hit mile 12 at the bottom of the bridge and do a 1 mile loop around town and finish. I could only grind out a 1:25 and was slowing the last 5K. Most of the guys I talked said their time was about 2 minutes slower than last year, but last year was a lot warmer.
Conclusion: 5 weeks of training is not enough and I really only had 4 weeks of quality training with the issues I had starting back up. Anyway, I would to target this race last year and come back serious as I will be in the M45-49 AG. Numbers:

Time: 1:25:27 (6:32 pace)
AG Place: 8th
Overall: 32nd
Other: First New Englander

The good news is I would have been third if I had aged up. Legs are surprisingly stiff. Anyway, back to marathon training. I ran 9 today with some moderate intervals, but plan to take it easy next few days and get a long run in this weekend.

Last week's summary is what you would expect - down in Florida with no bike and tapering for the race:

Swim-3200yd, Bike-28mi, Run-46mi


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

US Masters Half Marathon Championships

Off to Melbourne, FL with the boys early tomorrow am. That came fast! I can't believe we are already in February, but it certainly has not been an easy winter for us New Englanders. I can't wait for some above freezing temperatures to ride the bike in. Numbers for January good; focused mostly on running, but the pressure to train is also good, because I knew I did not have much time at all with the race being on 2/7. And guess what else happens when the run training starts again? I am not fat anymore; 156 lbs @ 8.9% body fat. Certainly not my 148-150lb race weight, but I will take it. There is no mystery to running fast; you can not be fat. Anyway, I will take whatever comes out of the race on Sunday and I'm feeling no pressure with this race, except to have fun and run well enough to be satisfied. I still haven't nailed the 2010 race schedule, but it looks like the next race after this weekend will be New Bedford half marathon. I have received my Boston entry confirmation, so that will be the main focus between now and April. Anyway, I plan on getting the bike miles up next week and to start getting serious about swimming and get some balance back into the training. I hope everyone is having some success getting back going, back into shape, although it is still early in the season and training in this weather can be difficult and unpredictable. Post any up coming races here and let me know what everyone is doing.


Week #4 and January Totals

This week and last week back on the bike OUTSIDE ... cold, but doable and I actually have already gotten used to it. Bike miles much better and running much better; track work intervals getting faster and tempo runs more consistent. Need to get back on to the regular swim plan, but it has been difficult with a lot going on. I swam a 1:20 100yd the other night, so it's going well despite the lack of yards. Anway:


1/25 - R-5 (day off)
1/26 - B-17, R-10
1/27 - S-3K, B-24, R-6, Other-weights&core
1/28 - B-17, R-12
1/29 - B-16, R-5
1/30 - B-32, R-5
1/31 - R-20
Totals - S-3K, B-106, R-64

Totals January - S-12K, B-266, R-232

Monday, January 25, 2010

Training Numbers Week #3

Another week of run-focused training. Finally starting to feel better. Thursdays 12 mile up-tempo run felt really good and is the best I've felt running since Clearwater.

1/18 - R-5, Other-core
1/19 - R-9
1/20 - B-28, R-7, Other-weights&core
1/21 - S-2200, R12
1/22 - S-2500, R-6
1/23 - B-24, R-6
1/24 - R-15
Totals: S-2700, B-52, R-60

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Training Numbers Week #2

A mid-week skiing trip made for a training break and some cross training. A new PR also; 7 miles in -6 degrees F (8:am Sunday River, ME).

1/11 - B-8, R-9
1/12 - R-9
1/13 - R-4, Other-ski
1/14 - R-7, Other-ski
1/15 - Other-ski
1/16 - B-16, R-6
1/17 - R-15
Totals - B-24, R-50

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Training Numbers Week 1

A few weeks since my last post. I still need a mechanism for logging my training, as I have vowed to do for 2010. Lot's of treadmill running so far this year. Slowly easing back onto the bike also. It was a difficult start, but things have improved and I am starting to get back into the swing. I leave for FLA in two weeks! That came fast and I will set my goals according to where I am then.

1/2 R-5 (intervals), Other-1.5hr XC ski
Week 1
1/3 S-3500, B-17, R-8
1/4 B-17, R-9 (track w/o)
1/5 S-2500, B-8, R-5, Other-Gym/weights&core
1/6 R-9
1/7 B-8, R-7, Other-Gym-weights&core
1/8 B-24, R-3
1/9 R-17
Totals S-6000, B-84, R-58