Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ironman Training Period Nearing End

Yes, summer is here and IM Lake Placid is only 24 days away. It's hard to believe that the training is almost over. I will post my long rides and runs, but I've got lot's of both and I am very pleased with my training this year; a lot smarter and focused. Body has been calling for some rest this week, so I've had a light few days. Here are last week's numbers:

Swim-6100yds, Bike-245mi, Run-60mi

Not bad at all. I am going to take a day off this holiday weekend and start slowing things down next week. I've slimmed down sub-150lbs - body monitor on the fritz, so no body fat numbers. Trying not to get too skinny this year, it just didn't work fo me last year.

Hope everyone's training has gone well. Some tough, freezing cold conditions this year out at IM Coeur D'Alene. I am hoping to see some familiar faces up at LP this year.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ironman Mont Tremblant

I just want to let everyone know training has been going great this spring (and today now summer). I have got my fitness back and have been focused on priority #1; IM Lake Placid July 24th. I am putting all my eggs in one basket and I think that not doing a lot of racing this spring has helped me stay focused.

For immediate press release: I will be racing the inaugural Ironman Mont Tremblant Quebec August 19th 2012. It is time to do a different Ironman, as the Lake Placid run needs a break. I am looking forward to the race this year. Things have been going well and I am hoping for a break-through race. Some numbers since my last post:

9500, 188, 50
7300, 189, 46

Not great bike numbers, but good quality with not a lot of junk miles. This week I'm focused on volume bike and run, and already have some big miles (I love this nice weather and will take advantage). Less than 6 weeks, time to go all out. -Kyle

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Right From Winter To Summer

No spring this year, as we will be going back into another heat wave this week. At least if it is hot at Placid this year, I will be ready. I want to let everyone know that training has gone great so far. I am following my own rule of taking an easy day after a hard day and doing nothing stupid. I am starting to get fit again - not so thin, but volume and organized work-outs are getting me into shape. It's been a while since my last post, so here are the numbers for the last three weeks:

5/16-22: 7000, 174, 43

5/23-29: 9200, 191, 42

5/30-6/5: 4100, 199, 42

Nothing crazy, but some good quality work-outs with not a lot of junk. 237 miles on the bike 5/9-5/15 is still my biggest week. Also, 765 miles on the bike in May exceeds 2010, so I am continuing my vow to focus on the bike. Long rides so far: 90, 89, 75, 105 and 91, so I am definitely getting this distance in. Ramping up and getting some long runs in, as well as speedwork trying to keep everything balanced, I think not having any races until placid is helping me focus on the one race I need to nail this year.

Hope everyone's training is going well.

Above pic is at the top of the Kancamagus, from Saturdays Bear Mt. Notch to Crawford Notch to Franconia notch to Kancamagus ride. Lot's of black flies, but a beautiful day in the mountains.