Monday, March 28, 2011

Ready For Spring Weather and Thank God For The Trails

I'm ready for Spring to come any time mother nature wants to bring it. Finally back running on trails! How long has it been? A short taste of spring, but now it seems we are back in a psuedo winter, again. Last week's running miles = 90. Not much else going on as that sport is taking up all of my time (~60mi bike and 3Kswimming). April 18th is approaching rapidly and it is almost time to start scaling things back. I am looking forward to scaling back running and doing some long outside rides, hopefully in warm sunny weather. New Bedford Race Report; 3 years in a row now, no taper and high miles in the legs; I just could not find a rhythm and backed off; either a PR or I don't care and don't want to risk injury = 1:26:30. Hope everyone's training had gone well. It has been a tough winter for us New Englanders and I know a lot of people have struggled. There are a lot of injuries out there! Time to hit the trails and give the legs a break!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Better Numbers This Week

6300yd, 121mi, 83mi - first week running over 70 miles this year. Miles for March close to that of 2010, so it's not bad at all. Finally out on the Boston course this am. It felt good to be out there and to up tempo the first 13miles. Plan is to take an easy day tomorrow and resume until Thursday or so, then take some easy miles going into New Bedford next week. No expectations for NB1/2; I have bombed that race two years in a row now, and I don't expect anything different. Focus is on prep for Boston - anything else that happens will be a bonus - 1:22 in 2007 still stands. Finally it looks like we are in the clear and I will be able to continue ride outside this week. Sore shoulder from Monday night sprinting feels fine and I am due for 10K yards this week. -Kyle

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hopefully The Groundhog Is Right This Time

Very quiet on this end, but training is going okay. Back on the bike a day last week and today - it had been a month of no outside biking (thumbs down). Snow banks too high - too risky and I don't want to get whacked - it has been bad enough run commuting with those knuckle-head drivers. Not much else to report; February was a lost month of swimming; pool closed, Feb school vacation and I had to travel. I will need to make up for it this month, but I still feel very good in the water and I'm still doing lots of fly, which is hard work. The return to the Foxborough Old Fashion Ten Mile this year; blustery cold conditions, but I still went out hard, but legs began to tighten; lot's of speed work has done a number on the legs and I only managed 66 minutes. The race was totally dominated by the BAA. Also, three weeks of long runs 23, 17 and 21 - I decided to give it a break last weekend and just put in medium long runs. Mileage not great, but last two weeks 65 and 67 miles. February running miles just a tick above 2011. Need to put in high miles this week, as the following week is New Bedford on 3/20. I also need bike miles, as February wasn't a great bike month either. Body okay. Nagging heel thing (not achilles) comes and goes, but it doesn't keep me from running. It has been a tough winter for us New Englanders, but there is sign that spring is coming! We have earned our dues and it feels great ride outside. Only a couple of weeks until spring and I am ready for some mild, sunny days where I can get out and cruise on the bike. Also, running on some soft surfaces like trails is highly desirable, as the roads just beat you up after a while. Last week; 5800, 102, 67. Thanks for checking in. I will try to get back to posting the numbers on a weekly basis. -Kyle