Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Finally Running Again After 3+ Weeks

It's been an interesting off-season; lot's of outdoor riding and some decent yards in the pool. I'm now swimming at Harvard Ridge Swymfit pool, which is really convenient and I'm finding it easy to fly over there and get a quick workout in. I'm about 5 kilos over race weight, but that's off-season and I'm sure it will come off quick. I will post my numbers for the year in the next few days. It's interesting to see how things have added up and how different this year was from last.

Also, a quick recap of the sub-3:00 hour marathon streak, which ended this fall at Cape Cod (Nor'easter) marathon:

2006 2:5857 Baystate, 1st sub-3, new PR and 1st Masters

2007 2:53:11 Boston, new PR at Boston by almost 10min

2008 2:58:57 Boston
2:56:59 Manchester, 5th Overall

2009 2:52:10 Boston, new PR
2:56:24 Baystate (Also Nor'easter)

2010 2:49:53 Boston, standing PR

2011 2:56:52 Boston, the failed 2:45 attempt

8 straight marathons. It had to come to an end sooner or later.

I hope everyone has had a great holiday and is getting some time off!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Calling It A Year

Yes, it's over. 11 months straight of training and racing, it's time for off-season. Another strange day on Thanksgiving; a revisit of the hacking cough that morning and cold ... burrr! ... 27 degrees that morning. Is this supposed to be New England or something? I don't know. I hadn't run in that weather since last winter. Time to look for something else to do besides running. Outside AGAIN today on the bike. I am really enjoying this strange, but very mild weather. I know, we all just expect it to continue, but sooner or later reality will set in. Anyway, I hope everyone had a great year!!! 2012 looks to be very interesting as I will be doing an Ironman in August, which really changes the running outlook from Boston until later spring. I look forward to doing things differently next year and I'm looking forward to the inaugural IM Mont Tremblant! Plan is to be a regular at the pool the next few weeks and then start running again sometime around the holidays. I hope everyone is getting some time away from the sport and taking a break! I will see everyone soon, as 2012 training is right around the corner. -Kyle

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Running Into The Off-Season

I've been continuing to run here through November. All short and fast stuff - no more than 3 or 4 miles. It has been interesting. I think I have actually kept some fitness without all the miles. I will try my luck at the Ayer Thanksgiving race and then pull the plug on running for a few weeks. My next focus will be on SWIMMING as I am now about 30 days without a visit to the pool. I am ready to call it a year. We'll see what happens on Thursday. New pic is me crossing the line at Cape Cod Marathon. I don't look too bad for a tough day. Cheers!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Quick Cape Cod Marathon Report

I knew we were in trouble the night before when I was abruptly wakened by the house moving from a HUGE gust of wind. We were worried that the race would be canceled, but race organizers vowed that the race would go on. My second marathon during a serious Nor'easter. Race start; very cold about 36deg with a wind chill around 20deg. I was scared this would be a repeat of Baystate two years ago when I got hypothermic during the race. Thankfully, no rain just wind and I was dressed with more clothes in this race than any other marathon, to make sure I would be warm enough through the entire race.

Race summary; this race ends my long sub-3 streak with a 3:06. Tough course under adverse conditions, I was worried that this race would end my streak. Anyway, high wind, roads with lots of debris and then Shore Line Drive completly flooded in about 5 places, I just felt like everything went wrong - including the cytomax drinks, which were awful and blasted my stomach. Honestly, I think the combination of hills and running into the wind killed my hamstrings, trying to keep my body leaning into the wind. Anyway, I am still celebrating a long season and I'm satisfied and glad that the season is over. I gave it my best shot, the race didn't get canceled and the add-a-10+ minute consensus would leave me with a good result. Hope all is well with everyone. We got power back very quickly - very lucky, but many still without power. Something needs to change. -Kyle

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cape Cod Marathon Race Weekend

Some lousy New England weather always encourages a scaled down taper. The body is okay with some early week trails. Plan remains the same; cruise the first 10 miles in around 65 minutes or so and see how it goes. Looking forward to racing with the BAA gang. Small group this race though - even looks I might be the solo master and only a few guys in the open catagory.

Anyway, possible Nor'easter on Saturday; will definitely be windy on race day. Looking forward to putting in a solid performance and capping off 2011 with one final big race!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Winding Down Training

Another unusual training period; I guess I started this back in 2008, when I trained for Manchester Marathon on only 10 weeks of marathon training. It worked then, so hopefully it will yield the same result for Cape Cod. Of course, coming off a long summer tri season has left me moderately fit. Numbers: 68 miles last week and it looks like I will breach 70 again this week. The numbers are deceiving though! 10/11-17 I had 90 miles, which is a lot. I will probably continue to train into next week and then shut everything down. It looks to be a pretty stacked race with decent prize money, which always brings them out of the woodwork. Anyway, I get the message that the latter part of this race is hilly and will be challenging. Expectations will be reasonable for this race and the strategy is to cruise the first ten in 65 minutes or so, and then see how it goes the rest of the race. I will err on the side of being comfortable throughout this race and avoid any possibility of blowing-up in the latter stages. Also, plan is to continue into November with some short fast stuff and shoot for a decent 5K and then go off-season in December. I hope everyone is doing well; lots of marathons this month and early November. I hope everyone's races go or have gone well. -Kyle

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

All Systems Go For Cape Cod Marathon

Less than three weeks to go before my first shot at the Cape Cod course. I am now committed to running, barring any disasters over the next couple of weeks. This is the New England Grand Prix Championships. It would be nice to have a good race and get myself somewhere in the standings - without blowing myself apart like at Boston this year! Expectations will be reasonable, since this has been a very short training period. Last weeks numbers: 75 miles, some riding and not much swimming. Trying to focus on the running here for another week or so - then start mixing some cross-training in. I had a very tender heel last week and forced myself to take a complete day off Monday. My body seems to be very sensitive to running on roads. No problems on soft trails and I will try to focus all workouts toward soft surfaces. Anyway, there seems to be two camps on the CC course; one camps says hilly and hard, the other camp says it's not too bad. Feel free to leave your opinion! I am looking forward to finding out for myself! -Kyle

Monday, October 3, 2011

Four Weeks until Cape Cod Marathon

This is going to be a very, very short training period for me. I'm lucky to still have some fitness from the tri-season and I did run a marathon only a couple of months ago (3:30 at LP), so I can't be that far out of marathon shape. The biggest issue has been long runs, but I finally got a 20+ run in this week and will shoot for a 3 hour run next week. At the Octoberfest 5K 18:30 3rd overall - I would have had a shot, but too many miles in the legs and no kick at the end left me in third place. That is the fastest 5K I have run in a few years (5:59s), so I am happy and that seems to be my annual 5k. Numbers last two weeks; 68 and 50 miles. I need an 80+ week to get some confidence that I can have a good race. Expectations will be lowered, but I may still try to PR. Not much else going on; some riding but not much swimming. I may try to get back into Walden a couple of times this week, as the water is still warm, but the count down begins. I hope everyone's fall training is going well. Lots of marathons to choose from over the next 5 weeks. Cheers! -Kyle

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tri Season Ends, Focused On Cape Cod Marathon

A quick end to summer and another reminder that we are in for a change of season here in New England. Lobsterman went well and was a fun race to end the year. It turned out to be a pretty competitive race with Cranberry getting canceled - a lot of people signed up last minute to get a race in before the season ends. Here's the report:

The swim is in a protected bay up by Winslow park. It felt a lot better to be swimming with a wetsuit and ... the water temperature wasn't too bad. At the first turn I could not see the next buoy and opted to sight on the furthest swimmer I could see. At the second buoy, I could see the third, but it looked like folks were swimming out into the middle of the ocean. Absolutely, no one on the line. Same thing at the final turn, people were still way right. The bike, dropped a chain on the first hill - never happens except during a race. Course: very hilly, not long but some steep climbs, I was out fast and furious. The run course: hilly. I (only) made two mistakes during this race: (1) I decided to take my water bottle cage off the bike and only take water at the half way station. The temperature has now climbed a lot higher than they predicted and direct sun was very hot. Definitely dehydrating on the run. (2) No socks on run. My new flats, supposed to be forgiving, drill a hole the size of a quarter in the side of my right foot. 26min at 4 miles - I fall way off pace at the end of the run.

19th Overall, 3rd AG, 2:21

Great party and podium afterwards, and two lobsters!! Definitely a race to do and I am glad I did it. Festive outing with lots of friendly, low key competitors from all over the place - lot's of out of state travelers.

Drum roll please ...... Next race will be Cape Cod Marathon on October 30th. Nothing like cutting it close. I have been running A LOT and am trying to get my running legs back. We'll see - I have 5 1/2 weeks before the race. Looking to ride off my tri fitness into fall marathon season. If that fails, I will lower expectations and run anyway. As this is another race on my todo list. Will be running with the BAA masters as this is the USATF grand prix finale. At least I am getting some new races in this year! Cheers! -Kyle

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lobsterman Triathlon

Change in plans - I will be racing at the lobsterman Tri in Freeport Maine on Sept 11th - the tenth anniversary-memorial. This is an Olympic distance, which is working well for me here at the end of the summer. A lot less training time and focusing on speedwork. I look forward to closing the season with a good race. Would like to see the Lake Denison 2008 PR fall. -Kyle

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Post IM Recovery

Moving on with the rest of the season - looks like next race wil be the Naragansett Half IM and probably my last tri for the year. Recovery has gone well and letting my rib heal (still hurts) has been keeping me from any real training and swimming has been out altogether. Starting to consider fall plans; maybe Manchester marathon again? or maybe Baystate for upping my BQ seed. Everything is good and the body is in good shape, so I will resume again and try to have a fast race on 9/11. It's just for fun, but I would like to go out with a good finishing place.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lake Placid - 6th Ironman Complete and In The Record Books

Last minute changes by the race officials made it a non-wetsuit swim for anyone who wanted Kona slots or AG awards. That meant that I would be swimming the 2.4mi without a wetsuit for the first time - the longest that I have ever swum without a wetsuit. It looked like there weren't that many swimming without wetsuits was my initial impression. Lined up in the usual spot, but maybe should have lined up far right as I am getting pummeled and grabbed; people grabbing my left leg at my ankle strap and pulling themselves forward, not all that fair. The only thing I have to say about the swim was it was definitely draining. I was using a lot of energy that I would have hoped to use on the bike and the run. 2nd loop was difficult with toes and calf cramping. I am definitely not used to kicking that long and the legs were definitely rebelling. Rib definitely re-broke during the swim and was moving around, but I was not in that much pain that it would keep me from swimming normally. After a 1:25 (yes that slow) I came out pretty tired and was to face long lines in the changing tent and bike mount - almost a four minute wait to get on the bike. I am way back in the race - not a good place to be - a lot of traffic on the bike - difficult to pass because there are some many bikes. I have to pass on the wrong side of the road. Slow start, but I got into a pretty good rhythm mid-loop. Loop 1 - 5:56 (yes pretty slow). Loop two on the bike started to feel good and I am passing LOTs of people the last 25 miles going up the hills. Lots of guys in my AG. I actually negative split the bike on the second loop and finish in 5:50. The run - I felt good and managed my nutrition much better this year to finish in a PR 3:30 - not bad at all. Overall time: 10:57:43. My slowest time, but with the swim taken into account, I still think I had a pretty good race. Lot's of confusion after about place and all that jazz, but I turned out to be 12th in my AG, which may be my best finish place. With only 5 slots - yes 5, what happened to the 9 slots last year? We think it was a combination of the ratio of people not wearing wetsuits and they have also cut down the total number of slots offered with all the dilution that's going on with the added races. This race definitely favored the good swimmer and a bunch of us got sent packing this year. I have vowed to become a good non-wetsuit swimmer here for the future as next time this happens - I want to be one of the good swimmers for a change!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ironman Training Ends - 11 days and counting

I hope to see a lot of friends and familiar faces up at Lake Placid next week. Everything has gone dynamite this training period, and I look into my crystal ball and see good things happening on 7/24. This will be my sixth Ironman and I go into this race well trained and confident about my ability. I am honestly hoping to nail this race and go sub-10:00. I don't think it is a stretch at all, but will come down to me having a great run split. Last week's numbers:

5600, 201, 43mi

Breaking Down The Numbers:

250 miles on the bike has been my largest bike week and 60 mi running (also same week). Shift one day either way and I have about a 1000 miles riding in June, which will be a PR month since I've been logging miles.

Long Rides: 90, 89, 75, 105, 91, 100 and 85.

Long Runs: 15, 17, 15, 23, 14, 15 and 18.

These are all post Boston numbers - I think this is probably enough! right?!

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. I have officially begun to taper and things have slowed down.

The PIC is from my first Ironman - LP 2006.


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ironman Training Period Nearing End

Yes, summer is here and IM Lake Placid is only 24 days away. It's hard to believe that the training is almost over. I will post my long rides and runs, but I've got lot's of both and I am very pleased with my training this year; a lot smarter and focused. Body has been calling for some rest this week, so I've had a light few days. Here are last week's numbers:

Swim-6100yds, Bike-245mi, Run-60mi

Not bad at all. I am going to take a day off this holiday weekend and start slowing things down next week. I've slimmed down sub-150lbs - body monitor on the fritz, so no body fat numbers. Trying not to get too skinny this year, it just didn't work fo me last year.

Hope everyone's training has gone well. Some tough, freezing cold conditions this year out at IM Coeur D'Alene. I am hoping to see some familiar faces up at LP this year.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ironman Mont Tremblant

I just want to let everyone know training has been going great this spring (and today now summer). I have got my fitness back and have been focused on priority #1; IM Lake Placid July 24th. I am putting all my eggs in one basket and I think that not doing a lot of racing this spring has helped me stay focused.

For immediate press release: I will be racing the inaugural Ironman Mont Tremblant Quebec August 19th 2012. It is time to do a different Ironman, as the Lake Placid run needs a break. I am looking forward to the race this year. Things have been going well and I am hoping for a break-through race. Some numbers since my last post:

9500, 188, 50
7300, 189, 46

Not great bike numbers, but good quality with not a lot of junk miles. This week I'm focused on volume bike and run, and already have some big miles (I love this nice weather and will take advantage). Less than 6 weeks, time to go all out. -Kyle

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Right From Winter To Summer

No spring this year, as we will be going back into another heat wave this week. At least if it is hot at Placid this year, I will be ready. I want to let everyone know that training has gone great so far. I am following my own rule of taking an easy day after a hard day and doing nothing stupid. I am starting to get fit again - not so thin, but volume and organized work-outs are getting me into shape. It's been a while since my last post, so here are the numbers for the last three weeks:

5/16-22: 7000, 174, 43

5/23-29: 9200, 191, 42

5/30-6/5: 4100, 199, 42

Nothing crazy, but some good quality work-outs with not a lot of junk. 237 miles on the bike 5/9-5/15 is still my biggest week. Also, 765 miles on the bike in May exceeds 2010, so I am continuing my vow to focus on the bike. Long rides so far: 90, 89, 75, 105 and 91, so I am definitely getting this distance in. Ramping up and getting some long runs in, as well as speedwork trying to keep everything balanced, I think not having any races until placid is helping me focus on the one race I need to nail this year.

Hope everyone's training is going well.

Above pic is at the top of the Kancamagus, from Saturdays Bear Mt. Notch to Crawford Notch to Franconia notch to Kancamagus ride. Lot's of black flies, but a beautiful day in the mountains.



Monday, May 16, 2011

Starting To Turn Up The Volume

Crossing back over to triathlon once again. I've started pushing up bike miles last week with 237. Saturday am was an 89 mile hill ride with the boys. Finally back on the tri bike again and getting some aero riding in. July 24th all of a sudden does not seem that far off and I am avoiding the potential for any problems this year by taking easy days after the hard ones. Looking forward to some nice spring weather?? Don't come to New England as the choice has been outside in the rain or on the trainer (3 hour spin last Wed). We lucked out on Saturday as it was okay and the weathermen have not done such a great job of predicting anything accurately. It looks like a rainy commute home and some more rides on the trainer this week. I am also back running again after some time off to clear the head and let the body heal. I also managed Walden last Friday (the only nice day we have had all of May). It was cold, but doable with the sun. I think I will wait a bit before I go again though.

I am boycotting the outrageous fees this year for the 70.3s - it would only be a prep-race this year. I am looking to do a simulated race instead and save my self a $300+ weekend.

Hope everyone is well and ready to get some long rides in, when the sun decides to come back.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

15th Consecutive Boston in the Record Books

I know - I'm not supposed to be this quiet on this end. First of all; I would like to thank my BAA team-mates for their confidence in me and their unconditional support in me trying to pull off another personal record this year. I explained that it would be a long-shot, but no one ever doubted and in fact, most said that they wouldn't be surprised after last year's 2:49. A VERY quick race report; plan was to go out fast, stay fast in the middle and finish fast at the end. We all new it was going to be an incredible day; and after 14 Bostons, this would be the first with any kind of tail wind. And what a day it was, the fastest marathon ever for Mutai and even some sensational times after that. There was never any doubt in my mind; I was going for it. It was a stretch, but if I could hold on, it would yield great results. Here are some splits:

5K -18:55, 6:05 pace
10K - 38:38, 6:12
10m - 62:38, 6:16
1/2 - 1:23:41, 6:24

I actually felt okay, but at 21mi it was over and I really payed the last 5 miles. If I could have run the last five at the same pace as the first five I might have hit 2:50, but in an all or nothing attempt, that is what you get. I have gained valuable experience, and have never tried to run a marathon that fast from the start. I will come back next year and try again. Back to crossing over; I am going to ramp up the cycling and start from sctratch with running. No immediate panic for LP. I want to do a smart ramp up and peak right before the IM.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ready To Line Up For The 115th

I am ready to go! Legs feel okay. Looks to be a pretty good day with a tail wind. I will give the fast pace a shot and see what happens. I wish eveyone a great race! I think there will be some PRs tomorrow. #731 -Kyle

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bib #731 - Starting To Wind Things Down

Trying to keep up: 337 miles total for March (10.9mi/day). Last week: 9600yds, 94mi, 49mi Hey, I finally found the pool! Swimming has been going great. I'm looking forward to open water swimming. Let's hope for some unusually warm days AFTER the marathon. Not much to talk about with the bike; I think one day was outside. Weather still not cooperating. Final weeks of training have been in lousy conditions. It's been hard to gauge where I am with fitness level. The miles for March were very big and just a bit over 2010. Last few track workouts in windy/rainy conditions, also making it hard to gauge. I had a great run on Thursday in mild conditions for a change! 2x20min at PMP tempo - I am right there, so will be going for it on 4/18!!! I have nothing to lose and might as well go out and let it rip. Next few days look to be unusually mild and honestly, I would rather see it stay cool here all the way through the marathon. Keep fingers crossed for a good day! Last year's conditions were ideal and who knows if we will ever see day like that again! This year is my 15th consecutive Boston marathon! On target for 60 miles this week, not much else going on and starting to taper as this old body is definitely tired and needs rest. I hope everyone's training has gone well and folks are starting to get rest! 9 days and counting ... -Kyle

Monday, March 28, 2011

Ready For Spring Weather and Thank God For The Trails

I'm ready for Spring to come any time mother nature wants to bring it. Finally back running on trails! How long has it been? A short taste of spring, but now it seems we are back in a psuedo winter, again. Last week's running miles = 90. Not much else going on as that sport is taking up all of my time (~60mi bike and 3Kswimming). April 18th is approaching rapidly and it is almost time to start scaling things back. I am looking forward to scaling back running and doing some long outside rides, hopefully in warm sunny weather. New Bedford Race Report; 3 years in a row now, no taper and high miles in the legs; I just could not find a rhythm and backed off; either a PR or I don't care and don't want to risk injury = 1:26:30. Hope everyone's training had gone well. It has been a tough winter for us New Englanders and I know a lot of people have struggled. There are a lot of injuries out there! Time to hit the trails and give the legs a break!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Better Numbers This Week

6300yd, 121mi, 83mi - first week running over 70 miles this year. Miles for March close to that of 2010, so it's not bad at all. Finally out on the Boston course this am. It felt good to be out there and to up tempo the first 13miles. Plan is to take an easy day tomorrow and resume until Thursday or so, then take some easy miles going into New Bedford next week. No expectations for NB1/2; I have bombed that race two years in a row now, and I don't expect anything different. Focus is on prep for Boston - anything else that happens will be a bonus - 1:22 in 2007 still stands. Finally it looks like we are in the clear and I will be able to continue ride outside this week. Sore shoulder from Monday night sprinting feels fine and I am due for 10K yards this week. -Kyle

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hopefully The Groundhog Is Right This Time

Very quiet on this end, but training is going okay. Back on the bike a day last week and today - it had been a month of no outside biking (thumbs down). Snow banks too high - too risky and I don't want to get whacked - it has been bad enough run commuting with those knuckle-head drivers. Not much else to report; February was a lost month of swimming; pool closed, Feb school vacation and I had to travel. I will need to make up for it this month, but I still feel very good in the water and I'm still doing lots of fly, which is hard work. The return to the Foxborough Old Fashion Ten Mile this year; blustery cold conditions, but I still went out hard, but legs began to tighten; lot's of speed work has done a number on the legs and I only managed 66 minutes. The race was totally dominated by the BAA. Also, three weeks of long runs 23, 17 and 21 - I decided to give it a break last weekend and just put in medium long runs. Mileage not great, but last two weeks 65 and 67 miles. February running miles just a tick above 2011. Need to put in high miles this week, as the following week is New Bedford on 3/20. I also need bike miles, as February wasn't a great bike month either. Body okay. Nagging heel thing (not achilles) comes and goes, but it doesn't keep me from running. It has been a tough winter for us New Englanders, but there is sign that spring is coming! We have earned our dues and it feels great ride outside. Only a couple of weeks until spring and I am ready for some mild, sunny days where I can get out and cruise on the bike. Also, running on some soft surfaces like trails is highly desirable, as the roads just beat you up after a while. Last week; 5800, 102, 67. Thanks for checking in. I will try to get back to posting the numbers on a weekly basis. -Kyle

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fast Forward To February

Once again. Not keeping up with this blog .... I will try to do better in the coming weeks. All is well and my fitness is coming back. Only 9 weeks until the Boston Marathon!!!
Here are the numbers for January:
S-17800yd, B-421mi, R-193mi
Bike miles almost double that of Jan10, so hopefully I'm on track. Unfortunately, the last two weeks have been disasterous for training. Too much snow has limited swimming; the pool has either been closed or I have been unable to make it for some stupid reason. Also, there is no room on the road for a bike; too risky, so all miles have been inside and time on the bike has suffered recently. I have been run commuting - also risky, have already had a couple of run-ins with cars operated by aggressive numb-skulls. Multiple contiguous track workouts accomplished only by use of the treadmill. I think I have shoveled snow every day for the last month, which I think my body is getting used to and my arms have really bulked-up. It has been a tough winter and it is probably the reason us New Englanders have such mental toughness or maybe it's that we cherish the spring so much, that we spend so much time on the bike when the weather gets nice.
I am just back from my second quality swim workout this week. Lot's of fly. Big thanks to coach Kim D. She's made everyone on the team choose a specialty stroke to focus on this winter. Who would of thought a few years ago that my strength would be the fly. It's obvious; it's a stroke that suits me well, less about technique and more about muscling your way through the water. I am actually starting to feel proficient at it.
Less than two weeks is the first prep-race; Foxborough Old Fashioned 10 miler. I am glad they brought the USATF GP series back to this race. My PR is there in 07 - 62:37 and I want to see that time fall this year. I'm unsure, but maybe if I can get some quality runs in here the next 10 days, it might be a possibility.
Anyway, there is a forecast for some better weather coming and no snow storms! Let's hope the ground hog is right this time!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Final Look Back At 2010

The 2011 training is now back in full swing. My New Year's resolution is to spend more energy on bike miles this year. In a perfect world, my bike miles will be about 3-4x my running miles. 2010 was an unusual year, but since I don't have anything to compare it to, I will use it as a baseline.

Anyway, first two weeks on 2011:

week #1 swim-7200, bike-95mi, run-49mi

week#2 bike - 119mi, run-49mi

Snow, holidays and life getting in the way of swimming - seems like the pool has been closed for weeks now. I will need to make up some of the time in the coming weeks.

And now ... drum roll please ... best performances and recap of 2010.

Best Swim:

I think I PR'd in every swim of 2010. LOT's of time in the water - wet suit free. I've improved a lot and it showed this year. Best swim goes to IMLP 64:42.

Best Bike:

Best Bike goes to Pumpkinman 2:35. Not a fast time, but done without a lot of training. I am looking to do this race again in 2011.

Best Run:

This one is easy; Boston Marathon 2:49:53 - new PR. I am still trying to figure out how I am going to best this time in 2011.

Anyway, I am challenging myself to PR on the bike this year. I will take any PRs running this year too.

I hope everyone is well and looking at 2011 races. Looks like we are in for a tough New England winter, so hopefully we'll get some breaks for some outdoor cycling and long runs.

Cheers! -Kyle