Thursday, April 24, 2008

Boston Marathon Race Report

Wow, what a great day for the spectators! All in all a pretty good day. I was out fast with the studs at a fast pace for the first half. No complaints, I was right at the pace I wanted to be at - it was all or nothing on this one. I laid it all out on the course, shooting for that sub-2:50. I wanted to break my 2:53 PR. A little bit warmer than expected, maybe slowed me down (and everyone else) in the mid-section of the course. My legs got a little tight at the downhill before 16 and got worse. A bit of a struggle 21-24, but with two to go I pushed hard, ending up at 2:58. 2nd fastest marathon. I'm happy and will take it. Statistically, a lot of runners had the same slower half as I did, no surprise. I think we are still not acclimated to this warm weather. Happy recovery everyone. IM training resumes next week. This is me at the 30K mark - right before heartbreak hill. -Kyle

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Good Luck Boston Marathon Runners!

It looks to be an ideal day with cool temperatures this year. I am sure this will result in some real fast times.

Good luck team-mates, friends and everybody running! and thanks to all cheering on!

I wish everybody a gerat race and go for it! No holding back.

This is the year!


Monday, April 14, 2008

Boston Marathon Taper Week

All the training finally comes to an end... for the marathon that is anyway! This last week was also real good. I have no issues, nothing hurting, broken or falling off. This week is always difficult for me, because the addiction is so strong and when I stop, there is always a lot of energy that begins to build up. A lot of people are asking me what my goal is this year. I am sticking with breaking 2:50 and beating Lance Armstrong. Two goals! I read the Boston Globe article... oh boy is he going to enjoy his first Boston Marathon experience! I know that 2:50 is a big goal, but with me it never ends. If I do break 2:50, next year I will coming to the line to run 2:45 - it never stops!! Anyway, I should probably just be greatful that my 42.5 yr old body is extemely fit and I am healthy. As I sit here today, I probably have never been as fit as I am now (just like seen on TV!). I still manage to balance all three; body, mind and family. I won't mention the "W" word.

My race day plan is to try - TRY - to keep it even through the first half @ 6:25 pace. I think it is virtually impossible to maintain through the hills, but if I can average 6:34 for the second half, I will hit my goal. Of course if that fails, I will take anything in the low to mid-2:50's. I think I have successfully caught up to where I was last year - I just need to run a smart race. Even with the distractions in January (the W word again) and the extreme New England winter weather, I have trained the hardest EVER before the marathon this year! My run miles may not be the biggest, but I have continued to train hard at all three disciplines because I can. We'll see if it pays off! This must be the year! I will post all of my long runs later in the week to see if this was the biggest.

Anyway, enough psycho-babble. Here are last week's numbers day-by-day:

M: 25 bike, 10 run
T: 28 bike, 10 run (5x1 mi @ 10K pace)
W: 60 bike (MA to NH), 5 run
Th: 2400 swim, 16 bike, 10 mile (2x20 min tempo HARD)
F: Rest Day 12 bike, 5 run
Sa: bike 18, run 12
Su: bike 28 (1xloop Oak Hill 19.4 mi/hr + wu/wd), 6 run

Total: S-2400, B-187mi, R-58 mi

All of the bike miles are outside! on the beater bike of course (with my spinning wheel still attached). I am on the bike again today for the commute++ - that makes 8 days in a row outside on the bike! I won't have much bike time this week though. I also ran 10 mi today easy. Today would have been a perfect race day - cloudy in the 50s. Let's hope for a great day - we are definitely due! overdue for that matter!

I'll post later in the week.

Monday, April 7, 2008


This will be my 12th consecutive Boston Marathon this year and 26th marathon. Things have come back together this last week. My weight is way down to 150 lbs and continues to drop. I will probably try to gain a few pounds back before The race. I have good numbers last week with no issues:

Swimming: 8000 yards
Biking: 160 miles (1 outside 35mi, 1 megahard spin @ BSC)
Running: 75 miles (1 track - 2x {4x800 @ 6:00 pace}, 1 tempo 6 mi @ 6:25 pace)
Cross Training: 1 weights

It's amazing how used to the trainer I've become. It's almost bizarre that I have come to such ritualistic behavior of riding that thing every day. We are in for some spring weather FINALLY and I am on the bike outside now two days in a row, with more warm days coming. I will finally get in a long ride in this week. IM France is coming quick and next week is the taper for Boston, so I am really feeling the pressure. Never again! Two big races like this so close together!

My wife has managed to connect me with a fellow Ironman France athlete training in sunny California. Jenn be doing here first IM and is with Team In Training. Unlike my selfish racing for myself, her goal is to raise $15K, so any contributions are appreciated. It will be great to hook up with Jenn and hopefully meet up with some other Americans in France. Anyone doing IM France or knows anyone doing the race, have them contact me at