Thursday, September 4, 2008

Maybe One More

I may try to squeak in one more race this weekend, but weather forecast is sketchy with Hanna running up the coast. I will wait until last minute to decide as 50 mph winds won't help the bike section of the race. Anyway, no real desire to train, but body rehab has gone well and I am back running, which feels good. I'll continue to go carless as long as I can, so that is also helping my cause. The new cyclocross bike makes for great communiting as I can ride it anywhere I want - road, trail, sand, etc.
Looking for a race this fall, preferably later. I am thinking about maybe a half marathon as I really have never trained just for a half and it might give me a break this year as I am not much interested in getting back into an endurance program. Jan 1 will come soon enough and I would rather do a bunch of smaller races that have lower impact. Also, do some trails races, XC and cyclocross later in the year - keep that bike going!
This was one of those high-mountain towns on the bike course. I don't remember this one exactly, but it looks like these guys are climbing as they leave town. Most of these small towns were packed with people cheering. Probably every single person that lived there as there were a lot of people compared to the size of the town. It was a real trip flying through these at 35+ mph as they were tight roads and had sharp turns that made things very interesting. Cheers!