Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Final Thoughts On 2008

For me, 2008 was an up and down year. Not many PRs, but a lot of great experiences and some pretty good performances. Certainly, the trip to Nice was an experience and a vacation I will never forget. I'll recap some of my best races and pieces here:

2008 Best Swim: Definitely in the shiny blue waters of the mediterranean. I finally broke the 65 minute mark in Nice. I had a great swim and I will be looking to break that PR this year at Ironman Lake Placid.

2008 Best Bike: I have two this year. The technical-suicide ride in the Alps is a feather in my cap. Who knows if I will ever have a chance to race in Europe again, so I will flash back every time I watch the tour - I totally did this year. And ... The Pat Bell Time Trial in Southborough. That was definitely a performance that proves 200-250 mile weeks can turn anyone into a good cyclist. That ride just felt good and 26+ mph average to boot.

2008 Best Run: No question about it. Manchester Marathon saved my year for running. I bought a pair of skate skis with the prize money.

Anyway, on to 2009; Boston Marathon, Lake Placid. I will post a race schedule in the next few weeks, as I register and work out the details. I hope folks have started their base training. Things have been going well and the running is coming along. The pounds are shedding as I write this!