Friday, July 30, 2010

Lake Placid Report - Good Race, but No Slot

Looking back at the race, I am pleased and I think things went well. My pre-race plan; have a good swim and PR. For the bike; definitely lowered expectations, targeted 5:40 - there was no way a 5:30 was in the cards without sacrificing the run. The run; make it all up on the run and do a 3:15 - 3:20. I thought that might give me a shot at a slot.

Here is the result:

Swim : 1:04:42 New PR!!
Bike: 5:45:29 (19.5mph)
Run: 3:43:18 (8:32)

Everthing went great up until mile 12 on the run, where I started to run out of gas. The legs were fine, but I was running out of energy. At mile 14, I felt like I had completely bonked and started walking the aid stations. I walked and took in as much fuel as I could; chocolate chip cookies, pretzels, etc. and at 16 miles I started to come back and ran the last 10 well. So what happened? I had fuelded like crazy, but had run out of electrolytes and had low blood sugar? I had enduralyte tabs, but didn't take them because it was cool and I had taken in plenty. So it may be a combination of two things; (1) Power Bar drink and not the gatorade endurance formula - which is loaded with salt and sugar. I just don't think that Power Bar drink has the electrolytes, so I should have taken those enduralyte tabs (everyone has been in my ear about taking them). (2) 145 lbs. - I am 7 lbs lighter then last year. This is new for me. Obviously I am not holding as much being so thin, so I think this is a lesson on racing on a light frame - take in more nutrition!!!! escpecially on the run.

I signed up the day before the race for next year - as an insurance policy, because of all the problems this year. I need to come back next year with a better training period and avoid the injuries. Anyway, another one down and I am looking forward to some smaller race and having some fun. No plans right now for the fall, but I may do a late summer half IM or shorter distance.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great race! The conditions were pretty good this year.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Race Week

Still training earlier this week, but low intensity. The buttons now are in off position. I will roll along the next few days taking it easy and trying to get some rest. I am hoping for some cool weather up at LP, as this 85-90deg summer days are okay to train in, but I think will be problematic to race an ironman in.

Anyway, I am looking forward to this race! I hope to nail the race this year and come back with a Kona slot. As always, anything less will be considered failure.

This training period has been unusual, but I am incredibly fit and I think that is going to help me this year.

I wish all those racing good luck!! I will post again if possible and will let everyone know the schedule up at LP. I always love to get up there, into the race environment - only can be appreciated by the hardcores that race up there every year.

Keep fingers crossed and see everyone up there.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Entering Taper Phase

Everything is good and the final weeks of training have gone well:

6/28-7/4: 2100yds, 225mi, 49mi
7/5 - 7/11; 7000yds, 222mi, 55mi

I am starting to tone things down this week. Things haven't gone perfect this training period or rather, since the beginning of the year, but I pulled off a good Boston. Let's see if I can do the same up at IMLP.

The numbers are good. Swimming; I think we will see the PR drop at LP this year. Biking; I think I have got my bike legs back. Plan is to moderate the bike leg and come in around 5:30. Running; I always feels good running. I need to nail the marathon this year! I have still yet to nail an Ironman. Hopefully this is the year! Weight; skinny. Last check was 146lbs @ 6% (how can that be right?). Looks like I won't have to lug that extra 4lbs around!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Out Of The Penalty Box and Back In The Saddle

I wanted to let everyone know that recovery has gone really well and I think this thing is behind me finally. Yesterday; 100mi ride + 5mi fast run followed by 17mi run today. Everything is great and I am back in full swing. I swam 24K yds the last two weeks, so I am taking a break and focusing on biking. I will be up at Finger Lakes NY next week on vacation, so looking forward to some long rides and trying to get my run speed back. Also, I can swim whenever I want. My weight is freakishly low ~ 144 lbs @ 6% body fat (I think the monitor should read 2% body fat). I am 5lbs lighter than before IM France, something I thought not possible. Probably the thinnest I've been since undergrad school. It's from all the swimming and running, and all those ibuprofens and other stuff, just kills the appetite. I've got my confidence back have LOTS of time to sharpen up before IMLP. Just need to keep head screwed on straight. -Kyle