Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Well, I had an extended time off with the crazy NE weather and losing power for four days. The extra week won't hurt me and I'm back running again. It feels good to be back and I can now start building a base in prep for the new year. My BAA application is in and that's always a reminder that marathon training begins Jan 1st. I've managed to gain a decent amount of weight - it's hard to believe I'm actually 17 pounds (almost 8 kilos!) heavier than I was the day I left for France... and yes I was very thin then and not so thin now. I have been told by professional athletes that it is okay to gain the weight when in off-season, but I think it is time for the scale to go in the other direction.

Anyway, I'll post a recap of 2008 with some points on my best races, experiences, etc. I hope everyone has a great time-off and is or has gotten some time off and is looking toward events next year. I can't wait to start the real training again! Only a couple of weeks.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Off Season - The 2008 Wrap-up

I'm officially in off-season and have not really run the last 10 days. I have gained at least 2 kilos and will gain a lot more if not careful. Swimming is going well , but still not enough time in the pool. Now is a great time for me to take the time off! Plan is to ease back into running around mid-December. Hard core activity starts Jan 1 and this time off makes me want to train my head-off!

Hope everyone is looking at time off, which is inevitable around the holidays. Big races for me next year; definitely Boston in April and LP July!!!! 2009 is definitely my year and I'm ready take them all down!

I'll recap 2008 in a week or so. Rock on!