Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's been a few weeks, but back in action

Just realizing how long it has been since my last post. Recovery has been over for a week now and I have already raced again last week at Westborough Sprint Tiriathlon. It was a fun race put on by Mark and the Sun Multisport guys. It actually turned out to be a pretty big race with 350? or something athletes and some fast guys showing up, I had a good race (10th OA and 1st Elite - not many elites and no pros), but honestly, my legs just weren't there yet. IM recovery takes weeks and I think this year it has taken me over 3 weeks. I have run longer the last few days and my legs are finally coming back. This pick above is from IMLP. This is me on the second loop headed back to the ski jumps at around 22mi. Thanks to Ted for finding this PIC! I look good and I know I was running well and had come back from the dead to finsih well this year. I look back and I'm happy that I could come back from a disasterous training period and actually get to race and have a good race. Looking forward I will be racing Pumpkinman Tri on 9/12 - my LAST tri of the year. I actually have some training to do and look forward to having some fun up there and racing well as this will cap off my tri season and there is no pressure. After that? I don't know. I really have no plans and it might be a good year for me not to have any plans. I would like to race up at Manchester again, but we'll see. I hope everyone has had a good summer of racing! Let me know what everyone has planned for the late summer and fall. -Kyle