Monday, April 27, 2009

Post-Marathon Rest Week Concludes

Well, I have reached the end of the post race "noodle" week. One week of baconators (no wonder why Americans are so fat), ice cream and beer will get that out of my system. A week of partying comes to an end and I need to start getting serious about the switch over and organizing my schedule the next few weeks. I even stepped on the scale last night to give myself a scare, but it will be back to reality (after the BAA reception tomorrow night) with focus on diet and training. And ... I have another race in two weeks! Sudbury Sprint triathlon is 13 days away! I have done it again; 5 months of endurance stuff and now I try to switch over to fast, fast and more fast. It's a short race though - the shortest tri I will have ever done, so I might take the pressure off and do it as a hard workout (yeah, right). Unfortunately, no pictures yet. I'll still try to find some and ping those that got me on the course. My total workouts last week were a 20 min spin and a 2.5 trail run. I am going to start easing my way back this weekend hope to get a bonus long bike with this beautiful spring weather. Hope everyone has gotten some rest. I don't want to screw up again - I'm taking it easy and will ramp my way back into full blown IM training torture next few weeks. Looking back at the training numbers, I wouldn't change a thing. I will still come back next year and try for a new PR. On to the Kona or bust wagon for now. -Kyle

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

113th Boston Marathon 2009 Brings New PR!

This race report is simple; I had a great race, on a great day and felt great!

Time: 2:52:10 New Marathon PR !!!

The temperature was 43 degrees to start and 52 at Boston with some sun and clouds. The only negative was the head wind which got progressively worse toward Boston - with some very heavy gusts at times. I enjoy these conditions and will take this over a hot day like in 2004.

My pace was strong and very consistent. I only gave back time in the hills and with the headwind. The last mile was tough, but I still felt fast through the entire race.

I feel like this may be the comeback year for me. Also, great to see team-mate Mark Bell come back this year and score second for the BAA masters. I wish I could have found that other ten seconds, but I finish this one happy and content to have had my best race at age 43. My BAA-team did very well and we had quite a showing.

I have a renewed confidence in my running, now that I seem to have proven myself to be peaking in 2009. None of those other shorter races matter and I will be looking to find a non-Boston PR this year, probably at a smaller and easier marathon such as a Baystate, etc.

I will celebrate this race for the entire week! and then restart IM training next week with bike centric workouts.

That's it. I hope everyone had a great race! and congratulations to everyone that finished!!

I know look forward to a new IMLP PR this year and getting the family to Kona in October!

I will post some pictures when I get them.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Final Few Days - Race Week

Boston # 2223

Qualifying Time: 2:56:59 (Manchester Marathon 11/08)

It has been a few weeks since my last post. All has gone well. The final few week's numbers are what you would expect. I just finished a 15 minute light tempo and will wrap-up tomorrow with an easy half hour run, and then it will be the race.

I think I have paid my dues this year. At the cost of a lot of hard work and a bit of torture too. Long term forecast is 50 degrees with afternoon rain and a head wind coming off the ocean. Sound familiar? That's about the same conditions as 2007 which yielded a 2:53:11 PR. I'm okay with light rain and windy/cool conditions - I always run my best times in those conditions - Manchester Marathon = 35 degrees, windy, blustery, etc. Bring it on!

I conclude this training period with no issues. I have been off the bike this week and it is weird to actually drive a car to work every day. I think after this week is over I will go back to riding each day, but it is an unusual treat for me to be able to listen to music each day to and fro work. I do crave the bike though and look forward to "crossing" over and doing some long rides now that warm weather is here and I don't have to wear all that gear!!

I hope everyone's training has gone well and the most important thing is to get rest the next few days. This is a big year for the Boston Marathon! Ryan Hall and Kara Goucher potential winners - keep fingers crossed. This year marks running partner and four-time winner Bill Rodgers returns to the race. We ran together yesterday and he looks good. Our group is the self-proclaimed "Ice Road Runners" - read this months article on him in Runner's World Magazine. I think this will be a great year for him.

Anyway, the final words are what you would expect. I will not be holding anything back. I am due for a big race as the two prep races; DH Jones 10miler and New Bedford races were just insult and punishment on top of a whole lot of training. The goal and it is always the goal with me; to come out with a new marathon PR for 2009!