Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tri Season Comes To A Quick End

Probably my final race - big race of the year anyway. Although, there are some short races around in September - I could be tempted!! Cranberry Country Tri will probably do it though, as my cycling fitness seems to have gone down the tubes. The lousy August weather just put a damper on my cycling as I can't remember a ride over 50 miles since Lake Placid weekend. The last two weeks of vacationing has also nailed the coffin on any fitness I had coming of IMF, but my achilles feels better and I think I can start ramping up the running again. I got my insurance check from my car getting totaled (87 yr old guy runs into me head on) and did the right thing; went out and bought a new cyclocross bike ... very nice. Look for me out on the cross scene this year boys! But what about running? I am totally lost. I don't think I have enough time for Baystate. The BAA masters team has withdrawn from defending our title at Winni Relay - total bummer... I need to figure out a plan other then some short races this fall. I certainly need to try to do something about my running speed, which seems to be non-existent this year again. All endurance training and age is not helping my cause. Suggestions?????

Monday, August 4, 2008

Third Race In One Week

I'll keep this post short. Back at it again, three races in one week. I slept about 10.5 hours last night, so to say the least, it has been a long week.

Wildat Sprint Race (Lowell, MA) Results:

7th Overall
2nd AG 40-44
Total Time: 51:53
0.25 mi Swim: 27th 6:24
T1: 1:13
11 mi BIke: 4th 27:37
T2 0:50
2.5mi+ Run: 7th 15:47

Short Analysis: I really had a great race all the way around. I had a great swim (for me). Everyone swam wide at the 2nd turn and I had a straight line to the last buoy with no one in the line. Unfortuantely, there was no elite category and I ended up in the second wave. My bike was fast - 4th fastest I will take any day. Average speed was 23.9 mph - not bad even with some hills on the back side. Run was fast too and I ran down two people in my AG and a lot from the first wave. The negatives: 2nd wave meant crazy passing half way to the first buoy all the way to the end, although having a clear shot to the last buoy really helped me have a good swim. I was way back in the tranistion area - all those guys with single #'s were on the first rail. I had to run all the way back to get my bike and put it back - definitely cost me time. Anyway, those young guys are fast! I wouldn't be able to beat them anyway! I only got beat once the whole day - on the run - the kid was 20 yrs old, but he helped pull me to the finish.

Next big race is Cranberry Triathlon on the 24th. I may stick another race in there, but the next few days will be rest.