Sunday, May 20, 2012

Team NRG wins mixed masters at RTB MA

We lucked out this weekend and had great weather for the race. Looking forward to doing another RTB again! It has been a long time since my last relay - damn, five years ago!! Anyway here's the race report: I have to give most of the credit to our female side of the team as they put on an outstanding performance this weekend, and it was really fun to watch. Big high fives to my new friends and team-mates; Ardria, Jen, Jo, Charlene, Tracey and the powerhouse Gregg. Early start Friday am to Wachusett on the bikes, to the top and then the start (if my ride is biking to Wawa then I am there riding too - still no car). After a very exciting kick-off with Charlene taking the hill, we then head off in van #2 with van #1 taking the first 6 legs. A pretty warm day as we in New England once again jump from cool, dark and damp conditions to summer-like weather leaving us unacclimated to running in these conditions. Even in the late evening when we take over our (van #2) legs, it is still very warm and sunny. My first leg is blessed with some downhill at the start, only to be cursed by steep climbs and a hill that tries to break me down. I asked team captain Charlene for the longest and hardest legs and that's exactly what I got. I don't want things to come easy and with my lack of any training, speedwork or anything since Boston, I was going to need to go to work. Maybe even in hindsight, a little un-prepared as I should have at least done some tempo runs or something before attempting to run all out. Anyway, all out three times leaving it all out there, as I think we all did. Leg #1 definitely hard, warm and hilly. Leg #2 my longest and best; 8.2mi 55min flat with 11 scalps - go figure my best run would be at 2:am in the morning in the dark, but it was cool and felt good. Two hours of sleep in the van and my final leg was brutal!!! I love this sport. Only one gaff the whole race and big Kudos to Gregg with some coherent thinking (if that is possible at 4:am!) recognized that Kate needed to get going with a long way to the transition area only cost us a couple of minutes and could have been a lot worse. Van #2 was filled with zombies at that point! Anyway, day #2 was hard on everyone. We learn that we are in the lead by 60+ minutes from the second place team at the last transition area, but are careful to celebrate before that intel is substantiated. We all celebrate with Kate coming down the finish chute and pose for some post victory pictures and head to the beer tent. Very cool group and it was fun to celebrate afterwards!! Thanks to DanO for sponsoring us and we are all dedicated to NRG bar success!! Cheers, -Kyle

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Kate said...

Nice recap Kyle! It was great riding with you, running with you and spending a lot of time in a van with you!
Thanks for taking all of the hard and hilly legs for us!